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  1. I hear you about the hedgehogs. They are cute little creatures! Yes, I'd love to see a picture if you make the blanket. You have a great day too!
  2. Thanks Reni. It is a great stitch! I'm sure your baby afghan is gorgeous. Hope you enjoy the chunky version if you try it.
  3. This is a chunky blanket that I made and posted how (free pattern) on my blog: http://www.mamainastitch.com/chunky-icelandic-crochet-blanket-pattern/
  4. You're welcome! Ha ha! You sound just like me. As soon as I am working on one project, I'm already looking for the next. Let me know if you have any questions as you make it. Also, make your initial chain longer if you like a wider scarf! I think I will do that next time I make this.
  5. In case anyone is looking to make a quick, chunky beginner cowl...here you go! http://www.mamainastitch.com/?p=285
  6. Hi! I thought I'd share this super easy, beginner crochet infinity scarf pattern which I posted. I am new to posting here, so let me know if I need to do anything different. Thank you! http://www.mamainastitch.com/?p=546
  7. Hi! I thought I'd post this super easy, beginner scarf pattern that I posted. I am new to posting here, so let me know if I need to do anything different! Thank you! http://www.mamainastitch.com/?p=546 I'm sorry, I realized I posted this in the wrong spot. I am not sure how to delete it! So sorry.
  8. Beautiful! You need to make a present for yourself! -Jessica http://www.mamainastitch.com
  9. Love the hearts! -Jessica Http://www.mamainastitch.com
  10. Hi Crochetville! It's so fun to look around this forum with all the posts of the other yarn loving people people! I started a blog for newbies, with all free and easy/beginner patterns and ideas. If you have a blog, let me know....I'd love to stop by and check it out! Mine is: http://www.mamainastitch.com Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the kind words, and feedback, Maria! It's great you already have an S hook!
  12. Hi! I wanted to post a rug that I recently crocheted. I am really happy with how it turned out....even though I was nervous when I got the box of selvage (it looked overwhelming!) Thank you for looking! I'm enjoying looking at all of your finished projects! Here's the link where I wrote about the process of making it :-) http://www.mamainastitch.com/?p=168
  13. This is a link to instructions on how I crocheted a Pendleton Selvage Rug with Pom Poms. It was so much fun, and I love how it turned out. If you know how to crochet in the round, you can do this! It's also nice to make an Eco-friendly project. Enjoy! http://www.mamainastitch.com/?p=168
  14. Hi! I have been crochet and knitting obsessed for a bit over a year now. I am so glad to have found a crochet forum, and look forward to learning from many of you. I live in Colorado with a toddler, French Bulldog, Pug and a husband. I just started a blog with my projects where I post the free patterns that I use, and a lot of times I come up with the pattern myself. It's http://www.mamainastitch.com I really like making mandalas, but my favorite project so far has been a small rug I just finished. I look forward to seeing everyone's projects.....and thank you SO much for having me!
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