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  1. Absolutely Beautiful! :manyheart:manyheart:manyheart
  2. OH Now He IS SUPER Cute!! I'll have to look for the pattern n' give it a go.
  3. WoW!!!! :cheer:cheer Great job on the cables!!! I haven't tried crocheting cables yet. your bag looks beautiful!!! :yay:yay
  4. great job so far on the dishcloyhs ladies! :cheer:cheer:cheer Keep up the great work!
  5. totally took the wods right out of my mouth! I have always wondered how do you hide all the color changes? what does the back look like?
  6. WOW!!! :manyheartThat is to die for gorgeous!!
  7. Thank you Kristie:hug Again, those kisses are adorable!
  8. I was just comming in to say those exact words!!! Purple ia very special to me it was my granny's favorite color...just seeing yhe color reminds me of her, Its like Im that little girl playing with provinces of Canada magnets on her fridge and I can stll see her deep purple curtains(velvet if my memory is right) if it weren't for her I would not be crocheting or knitting today. RIP Granny
  9. Kristie your kisses are so adorable!:cheer:cheer does just crochet have a web address? if yes what is it i definately want to get my hands on that blessing gown pattern set. when i google it i get a warning that justcrochet.com is an unsafe site
  10. :cheer:cheerThat is Amazing work!!!:cheer:cheer
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