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  1. I have designed a case or a pouch that is sized for a pack of cigarettes----I know bad habit! I don't smoke but a friend who does asked me to design a case for her coffin nails. It can be converted to a neck pouch. These are popular at music festivals when all you need are a few small essentials. Here is the link for the free pattern: Case or Pouch Maria
  2. This shawl is crocheted in such a manner as to work a single giant chevon. This shape is much more flattering on the body than a straight triangle shape. The arms of the shawl, don’t fall off the shoulders or drop to the floor. If a larger shawl is desired, work additional rows but end at an odd numbered row so edging will fit across top of shawl. The shawl can be striped by using up your yarn scraps. The shawl can be made in three dedicated evenings. Click Here: Giant Chevron Shawl
  3. Here is a beautiful pineapple motif! In addition to a written pattern, there is an extensive photo step-by-step. You can get 2 cloths out of on ball of a solid color dishcloth cotton.I hope you enjoy making this fun , and quick project! For the free pattern go here: PINEAPPLE MOTIF CLOTH Maria
  4. Thank you so much for all the nice detail you gave about this rug on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it! And guess what? I have an S hook! Maria
  5. Yes! They are cute! Thank you for the nice comment. Enjoy the charts! Maria
  6. These naughty little kittens will dress up your windows for sure! It's worked in the filet stitch and lacet stitch,with thread. If you would like the free charts, one has the lacet the other is straight filet, go here: Cats Playing in the Curtains Maria
  7. Here is a drawstring pouch perfect for all your little treasures. It works up fast and uses up all those bits and bobs you've been hoarding. Size is 3 1/2 x 4 inches. It uses worsted weight yarn and an F/3,75mm hook. Here is the link to the free pattern: Jewelry Gem Pouch
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