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  1. That now makes perfect sense thank you so much for all your help! I am so glad I have found such lovely supportive people on crochetville!
  2. Thank you for your kind replies. Can I just check that rnd 3 and 4 means double crochet 2 times and repeat this til the end of that round and rnd 4 means double cricket 3 times in stitch one and then twice in 2nd stitch and repeat this pattern until the end of the round again? Rnd 3 (dc2, dc2 into next at) 6 times (24) Rnd 4 (dc3, dc2 into next st ) 6 times (30) etc. It just seems I end up with more than the number indicated at the end, so I'm not sure if I also need to understand how the 6 times works as well? Sorry, I hope to get my head round this with your very helpful explanations! Jane x
  3. Hi, I have just started to learn to crotchet but unfortunately I am not able to read my pattern! Please can you help as I think once I understand what is required I will be able to enjoy my new experience. I have completed the ring, but now I am unable to understand the next steps of the instruction : Rnd 2 (dc1, dc2 into next st) 6 times (18) Rnd 3 (dc2, dc2 into next st) 6 times (24) Rnd 4 (dc3, dc2 into next st ) 6 times (30) etc. Please can someone explain this in English for me please! Thank you so much in advance. Jane.
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