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    First learned to crochet as a child. Started to crochet professionally in 2004.
  1. Thank you so much! This doily seems more complicated that it is on the pattern, and rather quick too!
  2. Hi all Maybe some of you are already working on crocheted gifts for holidays. I have this free pattern on my blog I wrote in 2005 (!!! Time just flies by...) that's been popular on Ravelry. It's a basic beanie crochet pattern, and you can use any yarn to make it in any sizes. Because this pattern is very basic, you can also add your own twists to make it yours. I just thought some of you may enjoy : A Very Simple Skateboarder Beanie
  3. Hi all! I just want to show my doily I finished this year, and it's my 3rd one, and this is the only one I currently own! My crochet items end up given away most of the time. I really like the colors of my 3rd! : http://chiescrochetandknitting.blogspot.com/2014/06/this-is-my-3rd.html
  4. Hi Laura, Thanks for letting me know about this. I think it's the flickers I recently started using which slows down the loading of my blog... I have to come up with some kind of solution. Thanks again!
  5. I'm sorry you are having trouble viewing my blog. What is your browser? Is anybody else having the same problem??? I sure hope not because I don't think I can fix the coding so I will probably have to change the whole template! I just added a photo on my top message, and I will be happy to email you the pattern if you like.
  6. Christi, Frankly, I never felted projects made just with sc, and I don't recommend using just sc with my pattern. I'm sure it will give you a problem because I didn't add the size of pre-felted bag on the pattern nor I recorded it. If you use the suggested yarn and follow my pattern, I'm sure your bag will get pretty close to the finished dimension of the bag shown in the photo although I can't guarantee because some people might crochet their stitches taller/shorter. Also, I have to say though, the size of my pre-felted bag was a LOT bigger than the one after felting! Also, this yarn is not 100% wool (It's 75% woo, 22% acrylic, 3% polyester), and the completed bag has tiny holes, which you can't see from outside, but when I stick my head into the bag and face toward lights, I can - although this was expected since the yarn was not 100%, and that's what I was going for anyways (I'm going to add lining also, but it's really not necessary unless you plan to put pointy things in it). So if you like the bag to be completely felted without any holes, you can probably use wool yarns such as Patons or Lion Brands and single crochet stitches, but I really can't guarantee the dimension on the pattern, and you will need a different size of hook also. Actually, somebody asked me if she could use Patons merino wool yarn, and I recommended crocheting with 2 strands held together and use a bigger hook than L hook. - I think the finished bag will be thicker and probably a bit bigger than mine, and again I can't guarantee the finished dimension on the pattern. Thanks for sharing your concerns because I'm sure some other people might be thinking the same.
  7. First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for your kind words!!! I really enjoy making this bag, and I felt that the yarn was just right.
  8. I just posted my original felted bag pattern on my blog. It's really an easy & quick project which I LOVE. http://chiescrochetandknitting.blogspot.com/2007/08/felted-cache-bag-free-pattern.html
  9. I'm excited to have found this tatting along! I've been wanting to learn shuttle tatting for a long time now, and you all are making me want to just rush to my local craft store and get everything I need to start on it!!! I wish I could join, but I don't have the time now so I will be watching this thread. Have fun!
  10. Thank you, Katherine!!! I love how my blog is positioned on the screen now!
  11. Hi Chrome Kitty, Hi Katherine, I want the whole thing centered on the screen. I'm using blogger beta, and I'm not using their template. - The one I'm using is one of the free blogger templates available at other place online, and I edited it a little. I tried putting <center> before <body>, and I know it normally works, but for some reason, it doesn't with my code, and I just don't know why. Could you look at the source code from my blog and tell me what might be the problem? I'd really appreciate any suggestions! Thanks,
  12. Hi all! It's been quite a while since I posted here at Crochetville, but I really, really need a help from someone who is familiar with HTML coding. I have a blog, and it looks ok except that I really want my blog to show in the center of the page, and I just can't figure out how. Can anyone please help me, pleeeeeeeeeeeez.
  13. I knew it was you too, Chelle!!! How exciting! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
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