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  1. Hello... I have been busy dealing with in between work and home over my parenting issues. I have not picked up my crochet project since December. I would more than happy to start getting know you and share with my stories, my pictures and my project, etc.. Right now, I am crocheting the cafe curtains need to be done soon, I am going to pick up when I get a chance and I have a dog still in house-breaking training, it's name is pumpkin and is about three months old and is a dashshund and beagle mix. I also have other project, a large blanket for our bed is on hold till I complete my c
  2. Hello, I am a long-time expert crocheter of over 20 years.. I used to be a member of other crochet group many years ago. I also used to exchange the crocheted (the ones I crocheted) items to the other chosen member who did the same thing. Gift items were the bonus. It would be wonderful to join the crochet exchange if this site had it. I am a deaf woman and am self-taught to crochet. I am looking forward to meet many members and staffs. Jennifer
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