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  1. dangie

    2 Half Doubles

    Great, thanks so much!
  2. dangie

    2 Half Doubles

    Okay, thats what I was thinking but I wasn't sure and didn't want to go forward and mess up. The previous row had 2 stitches. I am doing a "Pizza Scarf" from a book by Twinkie Chan.
  3. dangie

    2 Half Doubles

    Hello, I am new to reading patterns, as my grandmother usually helps me along but I am trying to learn on my own now. My pattern says 1 hdc, [(2 hdc)] 2 times, 1 hdc. (6sts) I am unsure what the difference is with the 2 hdc does this mean 2 half double crochet together? Sorry if this sounds dumb, trying to learn !
  4. Hii, I'm Dangie. My grandmother recently started teaching me to crochet and I've never been so addicted to a hobby before! I look forward to learning more and meeting fellow crocheters!
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