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    amigurumi and lace.
  1. I have a blog in which I rate and explain issues with patterns. I always link the patterns, and so far all of them have been free. Should anyone be interested, I'd love to have some folks visit and make suggestions! Crochetpins.wordpress.com Thanks!
  2. I finally figured it out, but I'm missing some hair after that. I think this whole sweater might be the devil instead.
  3. I've tried about twenty times, with multiple videos and tutorials and it never seems right. Honestly, I'm just voicing frustration, because I've never met another stitch I couldn't figure out, but this one is a beast.
  4. I prefer knitpicks worsted weight brava yarn. Cheap and so, so soft. I love it! It's my favorite inexpensive yarn ever.
  5. Oh man. I've sewn something to itself before, especially with amigurumi stuff. Not my shirt yet, though.
  6. Did it come with a picture?
  7. I've got three skeins of this pom pom yarn: https://d1clie5a7ombvq.cloudfront.net/index.php/v1/images/694cbbd13879737ed39b15db4ee74d5c/38560129-b6b6-4609-96b7-6c1775632a45.jpg/0/-/390X390 and then I have some of that ribbon yarn as well. I have looked but found almost no uses for them! I have had them for ages. Thanks for help in advance !
  8. Oh hi! I'm from South Carolina!
  9. I have a yarn wonder that I love, but I don't use it with every project. I get excited about using something or getting started and just don't always take the time.
  10. I almost always crochet on the right corner of the couch. I'll move as needed by my three year old, etc, but that's typically where I'll go first.
  11. My grandmother taught me at 12, and I didn't do much with it for probably 20 years. Now I probably crochet every day, thanks in large part to youtube.
  12. Hi! I have a little crocheting blog crochetpins.wordpress.com , and I'd just love to talk to others about crocheting and techniques. I'm really still a learner, and there doesn't seem to be much locally in terms of in person groups.
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