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  1. Using two strands of yarn will make your afghan heavy duty - but to assure it's warm, you probably should use a yarn that contains at least some wool. lion brand wool-ese is an easy care (meaning you can use washer and dryer with it). more expensive 'super wash' fibers like baby merino are very durable and warm, but lighter weight so you'd need to use maybe 3 strands and that gets expensive. to keep cost down, use one strand wool-ese and one strand acrylic - any of the major brands - caron,RH, LB are all easy care and durable. use a pattern without holes. another good choice if you want to stick with a single strand would be LB homespun. it's quite a bit more durable than you'd think seeing it in the skein. as for hook size - use the wrapper and pattern as guides - but use whatever size hook creates the loft you want. the diagonal crazy stitch (someone referred you to the tutorial on crochetcabana) works up quickly, needs no border or edging altho' you can add one if you want. you can also make it as large as you want without worries. just use half your yarn on the increases and the other half for the decreases. jd in st louis
  2. I've blogged about Kim's great work several times. She's one of my faves. Check out this link to see some of her other work highlighted: (cut and paste) http://crochet.craftgossip.com/?s=Kim+Guzman'>http://crochet.craftgossip.com/?s=Kim+Guzman jd in st louis http://crochet.craftgossip.com
  3. cotton gets too heavy and will definitely sag. i'd go with a lycra/viscose blend that will retain its shape and feel nice. check out some free swimsuit patterns online and see what yarns they suggest. but, DO NOT use cotton worsted weight as you'll lose your suit in the water. jd in st louis
  4. I am no slave to fashion, but I do try to keep up with what's in fashion because I crochet so many gifts. My daughter is 23 and I'm able to save a lot of $$ by making wedding, baby, birthday gifts for her friends. Like with baby things, since the advent of stores like BabiesRUs, there are certain colors that are 'in style' for babies. Go figure. I felt a bit out of it when I gave an orange and purple babyghan to a mom who had EVERYTHING in a sort of pea green. Who knew? Now, I know! One way I can easily keep up with the trends is on my daily walks. If it's rainy, too cold, or too hot, I will often walk at the mall with a friend. Since I'm not a shopper, I didn't formerly pay attention to what was in the windows. Now, I do. I keep abreast of the latest fashion trends and colors by what's in the windows at the mall. jd in st louis
  5. The free St Louis Crochet Club meets on the third wednesday of each month from 7-9 PM at Hearthstone Knits in south St Louis County (Concord Village Ave). Email me for more info. Great LYS, no dues, wonderful show 'n tell. We are a relaxed, friendly group that meets in a crochet-friendly LYS with great yarns, patterns, books. If you're a beginner, we'll get you started. Join us for any meeting! jd http://crochet.craftgossip.com
  6. I have a blog which may be new to some of you. Update on summer crochet I'm still trying to figure out how things work on this site. Will take me some time. I want to subscribe to some threads, but haven't figured it out yet. I'll get it!!! jd
  7. hay ya'll, we NEED to quickly crochet some hip waders here in the st. louis area. my house is safe, but we are surrounded by rivers and they're all at or above flood level! there are any number of shops that can't be driven to because of highway (not interstate) and secondary road closures. our monthly crochet club met last night. here's the show 'n tell: rita is working on more of her now internationally famous felted coasters. she's stocking up! she's also working on a lovely seraphina shawl in laceweight yarn and is nearing completion of a seraphina in a mohair-ish yarn in MY PINK that she really needs to donate to my cause - all things pink! ronnie is also working on a laceweight seraphina shawl. really lovely. ronnie's also working on a dodecahedron (hope i got that right) baby toy. in true ronnie style, she has completely turned the printed directions upside down to make the item far easier to crochet than the designer did! georgia was crocheting an edging onto the knitted peacock shawl to top her daughter's wedding dress in september. it's a true work of art - and one of two shawls that georgia is knitting for erin! apparently erin's gown is both white and ecru, so this shawl is ecru and the next will be white so erin can decide which she wants. can i please get adopted??? georgia will also be demonstrating sock knitting at a local birkenstock store this saturday (at the robin's shoe store in creve coeur). dj was about to complete a lovely baby afghan of her own design in an off white color edged in the 'ocean' blend of colors that includes just the right off white in its color mix. the babyghan is just lovely. dj's also working on a plaid afghan for her granddaughter in hot pink, green, and yellow. this is the one she had to frog several inches of when i noticed during the MO fiber festival that it was 'shrinking'. she had picked up the wrong hook at some point and happily crocheted away for about 8 inches. this afghan is really cute and was worth the extra frogging. teresa showed off her st. patrick's day green and white scarf and is still working on her red coccoon sweater. joan was knitting ANOTHER feather and fan shawl! that's joan's favorite pattern and she always has one in progress. the yarn she is using is a lily in the color 'bronze green' which is a nubby yarn so old (or cured as my son would say) that the address on the label does not include a zip code! did i tell you that joan has a stash that includes one of those rent-it-yourself units??? my show and tell was - drum roll - my completed sweater from the mind of ken jones - that crochet guy. will post a picture of it on my blog. ken - you write really clear pattern instructions!! worth the small fee on ken's etsy shop. however, the colorway is bright - pinks, coral, wine - from a worsted weight bernat supervalue 'think pink' yarn and my poor husband allows as how he needs to put on his sunglasses to look at me. LOL. too bad! i LOVE it! however, i'm gonna make it again using a smaller yarn and actually following ken's instructions regarding hook size. i used a new M (clover metal/bamboo) hook - which i love - but it needs to be about one size smaller - which it will be if i actually follow ken's instructions! we had a good time and got to catch up on the latest crochet books and mags at the shop, as usual, not to mention pet (and purchase) lots of yarn. jd in st. louis
  8. i'm kinda' new here, but making a paypal donation is really painless. hope others will join me in supporting such a great crochet site. jd in st. louis
  9. I'M blogging about crochet hooks these days. reviewing different sets of hooks from diff manufacturers. please feel free to send me your input here, privately, or to my blog - linked below. anyone have an opinion about the provo ergonomic hooks??? thanks, jd in st. louis
  10. If you reside anywhere near st. louis MO, we'd love to have you join our monthly crochet club meeting wednesday night, march 19, from 7-9 PM at hearthstone knits, 11429 concord village ave, 63123. no dues, relaxed group, great yarn shop with no pressure to buy anything, crocheters and knitters welcome, but we mostly crochet. other needlearts welcome too. if you use yarn, we welcome you! show 'n tell is one of our best things! so, beginner or expert crocheter, you're invited to join us. jd in st. louis
  11. check out my latest blog entry for information about an upcoming craft camp, includes crochet and other needlearts. jd in st. louis -- BLOG: http://crochet.craftgossip.com/
  12. Quite a beauty! thanks for sharing. jd
  13. i'm back! finally found my way back to this great forum on crochetville. look forward to sharing all our crochet ideas! jd in st. louis
  14. i've heard so much about this forum on CP and crochet-a-long that i decided to come on over and see what all the buzz is about! i'm a mom of 3, ages 21, 22, 28. younger two are still in college. eldest just graduated from law school! i've been crocheting for about 8 years and founded the st. louis crochet club about 7 years ago. it's a small but very friendly group of crocheters who meet once a month. that group has grown to include two other local meetings, so i have a choice of 3 meetings a month and access to lots of crochet knowledge in person. that's such a plus. looking forward to learning and sharing here. currently working on some doilies. just finished the mango mesh top for my daughter's 21'st bday last week. she'll receive it this weekend when i see her. she's not a huge fan of my crochet, but if she doesn't like this top, i'll just frog the lucious yarn it's made from and make something else! so, that's my introduction. now, back to crochet! jd in st. louis
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