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  1. Since there is so little done, there really isn't a color pattern established yet. However, there is *just* enough of one that I need to figure out what it is. lol
  2. Sure wish I could! I guess my explanation was pretty crummy huh? lol
  3. Someone gave me a started ripple afghan with all the yarn. I can't find the pattern for it. It is a ripple..which I know how to do. It's just the way the colors are done, I am not sure. It has 6 colors of decending blues (dark blue, medium blue, royal blue, grey, light blue). Starts out with 2 rows of each of the 6 colors (sc) repeating that 4 times. Then it goes to one row of just 3 of the colors (twice). Then back to 2 rows of all 6 colors. At least once...it ended with a partial of the 6 colors. I don't know what colors go on what rows..or what to do with the part of the afghan with just the one row of 3 colors. I can't figure out how to find this pattern. Anyone at all know what I am talking about?
  4. I have been sadly MIA. Life got insane. lol I am hoping to get some yarn to work more on my 3SUB. Glad to see you all are busy bee's and gettin' some done.
  5. Woo hoo!! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  6. Your 3SUB is GREAT! How much time do you get a day to work on it? I know what you mean by being awkward. I can't take it "out" anymore because mine is so huge. And I rarely get crochet time at home.
  7. A pillow is a great idea. Are you using a certain pattern? My 3SUB is still sitting there waiting for me. As I am working on a baby shower gift (round ripple). And as you all know, I have very limited crochet time. Also, the 3sub is getting so huge and bulky, it is hard to transport to work on it outside of the home. I don't have a bag big enough to keep it in anymore. Suggestions?
  8. Hi there! Where in Colorado are you? I am in COS. We are getting lots of snow today.
  9. No, I don't separate the yarns at all. I personally think the mix looks better without doing that. Otherwise I would have some "warm" sections and some "cool" sections. This way they all blend nicely. Pamela, your 'ghan looks fabulous!!! I am so jealous that you have more time to crochet and get things done so quickly. I am impressed!
  10. Cindy, can't wait to have you join us!!!
  11. I'm in. I need to make one for a baby shower next weekend. Me and my 11yo dd picked out the yarn today. It is bright yellow, varigated with neons (yellow, blue, green) and a neon blue. Now mind you, I am a homeschooling mom (6 children currently schooling, have 8), work PT for a company and have my own business. I am quite busy and have VERY limited crochet time. So this is going to be a challenge for me to get this done!! I can do it! I can do it!! I just need to figure out how many rows of each color to do! I look forward to working with you all!11
  12. Ok, I guess I have to join you here. I just found an invite (that noone bothered to give me) for a baby shower in a WEEK!! So I thought a round ripple would be unique enough. Hope you all are ready!!
  13. The pic was a little dark on my pc..but from what I could tell, it looks great! I think she will really like it.
  14. Mine is done. It was hard to remember all of my projects from last year.
  15. Yeah they had TLC for a ridiculously low price of 69 cents a skein!!! And Sugar n Cream for something around there too!! And I REFRAINED!!! I am so proud of myself!!
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