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  1. I'm in. I need to make one for a baby shower next weekend. Me and my 11yo dd picked out the yarn today. It is bright yellow, varigated with neons (yellow, blue, green) and a neon blue. Now mind you, I am a homeschooling mom (6 children currently schooling, have 8), work PT for a company and have my own business. I am quite busy and have VERY limited crochet time. So this is going to be a challenge for me to get this done!! I can do it! I can do it!! I just need to figure out how many rows of each color to do! I look forward to working with you all!11
  2. Simply gorgeous! What more can be said? Thank you for all your time Krystal!
  3. Ut oh!! I missed the info about having to label them! So sorry. My square went out yesterday. I only sent one since so many wanted to participate- which is GREAT! I just thought more people's squares could get on Jess' 'ghan. LL
  4. Well, I went to my normal place to mail things today to get the squares off. Come to find out, they don't do mailings anymore as they are going out of business. UGH So I have to go face the USPS! ICK. I go way over to the PO to the kiosk. It's broken! UGH!! The line was way way way way long and I had to be somewhere. So I couldn't mail it. Frustrating! So sorry. ~LL~
  5. I also did a circle of friends square. It's in light pink (hope that is OK) I am going to do another one in off white and one in brown.
  6. Anyone have a cute pattern for an 8" square? My book is all 12" (yes I know I can adapt it). I'd like to try and make some for her. I can't imagine the loss!! I'm definately praying for her.
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