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    Very very pretty!!
  2. So, I finally made a blog!! So cool, I can tell that I'm so going to love this. Can anyone give me any hints or guidelines about blogging and how to make it attrative and interesting? So, here is the site url http://crochetlove.2pt.net/ And can I put this in my signature?? Thanks girlie's (and guysies tooo!!!)
  3. Oh, I think both chairs, the flower and the lover's knot are just too cool. I would so love to do the lovers knot for my daughter, she would think it was awesome!!!
  4. Oh how cute. Polly looks like Nellie from Little House on the Prairie!! And we know what a priss she was!!
  5. Oh, he will be awesome!! Unfortunately I ran into a snag and had to unravel 4 rows, I'm a little disgruntled because of it, but I have picked up the hook and have begun him again. I'll get pic's posted soon!!!
  6. This time it's Elvis, and Gawd is he going to be awesome!!!! I've done 40 rows so far of nothing but HAIR!!! I can't wait to start posting pics!!
  7. marym

    blocking questions

    Uggg, a wet bed?? Maybe I can cover it with a plastic sheet or something.....I don't know what is causing it. Really weird, as one side seems to get shorter, the other side seems to get longer. I've counted and counted and counted the stitches and everything is fine there. And it's only the graph ghans I have any problems with.
  8. marym

    blocking questions

    As of late I have enjoyed doing graph ghans. Oh, I love them!! BUT!! Everyone I've done has come out lopsided, so I'm figuring they need blocked. I've never done this before so if anyone has any step by step directions for this I would sure appreciate it. Thank ya much, Mary
  9. Those are nice Mermaiden, I'll have to try a few of them out!!! Thank you so much!!
  10. My MIL's birthday is next month and she has redone her kitchen in apples!! I'd like to crochet her a few accessories for it as I did when she did her kitchen in ducks. But I can't find any patterns. I'd like to do a rug and maybe some placemats and then whatever else is out there. Thanks you guys!! Mary
  11. Super Awesome. So I take it the baby already has a name!!! Congratulations!!!!
  12. I'd like to. Expecting a baby girl in Sept!!! Well, not my own baby girl but a friends!!!!
  13. marym


    BOY!!! The sleezy dress is sleezy isn't it!!!!!!! I'm sure they'd kick Casey out of prom if she was to wear something like that!!!!!! So, being a teen, I'm not even showing it to her!!!! I've seen the pattern you're talking about Ladycrochat and I'm thinking of making that one too for my daughters friend. She's a bit more conservative than this daughter of mine!! I'm going today to pick up everything I need for the Lotus. Wish me luck!!!!!!!
  14. marym


    OMG, that is awesome Caroline, thank you so much!!!!
  15. marym


    I've never done hairpin lace either, so I guess I'm going to be learning!!!!!!!!!!!!
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