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  1. difang

    Pacman amigurumi!

    I started crocheting around the start of November cause I got sucked into the craft of amigurumi. After 2 months of playing around with different patterns, I've finally started coming up with my own designs! So, since my bf completely forgot to tell me that we were exchanging gifts at our Chanukkah party, I decided to make some small amigurumi keychains to send out with the thank you cards. Might as well say my Thank Yous in style! The pattern for the strawberry can be found here. I came up with the patterns for Pacman and the ghosts on my own. My written instructions for Pacman and the ghosts can be found on my art/crafts blog: [studio Difa] Enjoy~! Di
  2. My mom loves apple-picking so I thought this would make a nice mini apple bag for her. It's a tote done in pineapple lace stitch, and it fits about 2-4 skeins of yarn, 5-6 apples, or even... wait for it... 1 pineapple! I decided to add a rose for some pop of color. Here are the patterns, hook sizes, and yarn I used: Yarn: Caron Simply Soft (Dark Red), and a worsted weight green/brown/white variegated yarn I got a while back (...can't remember the brand name, sorry) Hooks: 3.25 mm and 3.5 mm for the rose / 3.75 mm for the bag Patterns: Pineapple Lace Market bag and Rose Merry Xmas Eve~! - Di
  3. difang

    Amigurumi craze!

    Thanks, everyone! Haha yeah, I remember being super impatient when my grandma first tried to teach me. I only got as far as the chain and the single crochet the first time, and even then, I was overly frustrated and swore I'd never touch crochet again. (I couldn't keep the same tension through all my stitches, probably cause I was used to keeping even tension with two needles instead of one hook.) Funny how the right kind of motivation will get you back into a craft! Thanks! And haha, right? It's strange how the second time's the charm. Though I'm impressed you went from crocheting to knitting! I don't think I could've managed that. For some reason, my brain finds crochet much easier than knitting, lol. So true! Unless you use lace or fingering weight yarn, crocheted garments never drape the way knitted ones do. Crochet seems to be much better for stiffer things, like bags, afghans, stuffed animals, pillow cases, etc.
  4. Aww thanks everyone for the sweet compliments and warm welcomes to Crochetville! Haha yup, the temps have been all out of whack here in NYC this winter. Hopefully we'll get more snow come January. So far, it's just been cold, dreary rain. Thanks! And haha yeah, I didn't know what to name the set so I just went with the primary stitch I used. I chose the sagebrush color cause it was the closest to my bf's mom's favorite color, robin egg blue.
  5. Hey veteran felters! I've always wanted to try my hand at felting but never knew how to start. I have a friend who has been felting for years and she said that all you have to do is knit/crochet a piece in wool and throw it in the washer/dryer. I doubt it's that simple. Anything more I should know before I try this out? Also, I bought approx 800yds of LH's fisherman wool and about 400yds of Vanna's Choice glamour yarn but am not sure what project I want to use this for. All I know is I want to combine the two yarns in alternating rows and felt it so that the fisherman wool turns to felt leaving a nice glittery stripe design from the acrylic VC yarn. Any ideas for projects for 1200yds or under would be fantastic too! (I'm not sure if felting changes the yardage needed or not?) Thanks!!
  6. If you are still doing this, I'd love to crochet something for your donation bin for next year. Please pm me and let me know where to send stuff. This is truly a great cause.
  7. difang

    Amigurumi craze!

    Thanks! I can barely believe it myself, haha. The first time I tried to learn crochet, several yrs back, was ridiculously difficult and I gave up in a matter of minutes. Amazing what a bit of motivation can do the second time around! Thanks! You should definitely try it. Super fun and super addicting! Thank you!
  8. difang

    Amigurumi craze!

    I've been knitting for more than half a decade now... I've been crocheting for only 2 months. Amigurumi was what finally compelled me to learn to crochet. My grandmother gave me her sets of crochet hooks a long time ago and tried to teach me but I never really got the hang of it, mostly cause I still preferred the feel of knitting needles in my hands and couldn't get used to using a single hook. Amigurumi and the promise of super cute creations changed all of that. I started off with a few cupcakes (youtube tutorial found here) and played around with the toppings a bit: Surprisingly, crocheting came naturally to me this second time around... maybe because I have more years of knitting under my belt or maybe because I was more motivated to learn this time. Next, I tackled a pattern for mini birds (youtube tutorial found here): At this point, I decided I needed more yarn colors cause I'd exhausted my current meager collection, so I stopped by Michael's. To my surprise and joy, they had a sale on one of my favorite cheap acrylic yarns: Caron Simply Soft. It's cheap, it's soft, it's sturdy -- nothing exceptional but nothing to complain about. At $2.50 or so a skein, I loaded up the cart with about a dozen. The entire rainbow! And with my glorious new palette, I made another bird to go with the blue/brown one: After making the cupcakes and the birds, I was starting to feel more and more confident in my skills so I went on to tackle a more complicated pattern (though it turned out to be just time-consuming -- after making a couple amigurumi, you start to see the overall pattern of increases and decreases and nothing is really all that difficult to crochet). This bunny pattern took longer cause it simply had more parts: The only things that were slightly different from the things I'd made before were the ears (due to the color change) and the legs (fascinating to realize how the pattern maker used back loops to create a crease along the edge of the paws). The pattern for this bunny can be found here. Even though it's in Spanish, you can google translate the page and the translation, though not perfect, can be easily parsed if you have a basic understanding of crochet terms and amigurumi-craft. Decided in the end to swap out the knitted bow for a turquoise ribbon: I got a pack of craft eyes for these larger amigurumi projects but the eyes turned out to be crazy owl eyes... so, I decided to make an owl, heh (pattern found here). And since it's winter... gotta bundle up! Well, that's the end of my current list of amigurumis. I still need to get black craft eyes for the bunny and future projects. But yep, I'll post more next time! Thanks for reading/viewing! - Di
  9. After about half a month of aggravation (on and off), I've finally finished this scarf/mittens set for my bf's mom. It's a late Chanukkah gift, but better late than never! And here's how it looks when worn (by me): I've been knitting for years but didn't truly learn to crochet til 2 months ago, when I stumbled onto the craft of amigurumi, little crocheted critters. This is my first big crochet project. The hardest, most time-consuming part was figuring out where to put the flowers. Every time I got it wrong I had to unravel each flower cause I was attaching the motifs by connecting the tips and ends of each petal to the work. I started off thinking maybe I'd do a fringe on either end (6 flowers each, 3 on the right side and 3 on the wrong side): But that looked a bit strange when worn and was quite bulky since I had to double up the flowers to not have a blatant wrong side to the scarf. So I decided in the end to spread the flowers out, two on either end, and one on each mitten: That looked fun without being cluttered. I'm quite satisfied! Well, before this post gets too long, here's the yarn/hook info and the patterns/stitches/motifs I used (I combined a couple): I used the Sagebrush Capra DK Yarn from KnitPicks for this project. It's an absolutely beautiful, super soft, merino cashmere yarn, and I was lucky enough to get it during their holiday sale! This has become by far one of my favorite yarns! I love how the merino keeps projects sturdy while the cashmere makes them ridiculously soft and a joy to wear. Highly recommended! My hook size varied from item to item and stitch to stitch. The primrose-stitch scarf body was crocheted with a 3.5 mm hook, the flowers with a 3.75 mm hook for rows 1-2 and a 3.25 mm hook for row 3 (cause that helped them lay flatter), and both the ribbing and fan-stitch on the mittens with a 3.5 mm. Here is a close-up of the primrose stitch on the scarf (tutorial found here): Here is a close-up of the fan-stitch and ribbing on the mittens (pattern for the mittens found here): I didn't follow the pattern for the mittens exactly cause I found it made mittens that were abnormally long and tight. I made adjustments accordingly. Also, be warned, the thumb-hole instructions are poorly written. I couldn't quite follow along and had to make up my own thumb holes. Finally, the flowers. These are a motif pattern found in Beyond the Square: 144 circles, hexagons, triangles, squares, and other unexpected shapes by Edie Eckman. It's a fantastic book if you're just starting out with motifs. Lots of patterns to try and once you get a couple down, you know the general gist of things and can start making your own. Anyways, thanks for checking out this project and reading/skimming through my ramblings! Happy Holidays! - Di
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