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    I'm a beginner.
  1. Thank you so much, Magic! I appreciate all that you've said. You've all been very helpful!
  2. Thank you! I woke up this morning with an idea of the yarn. Let me upload some photos... Okay, so what I saw in my mind this morning is something a friend made me years ago, but I just saw that it's knitted, not crocheted. Is there a similar stitch in crochet? (see picture). I've also attached the sketch of the installation I will be doing. It's a year long project, so there's no rush. I'm just trying to get ahead.
  3. Hi. I'm an artist, and next year I will be doing an art installation. I want to create crocheted funnels that hang from the ceiling and go down onto the floor. I want them at their widest to be a few feet around. I am teaching myself to crochet specifically for this. I was wondering if any of you would have an idea on what stitches would be best. I can look everything up on Youtube to learn it, but I don't know the language of crochet, except for now, chain stitch and double crochet. Any advice would be well appreciated! Sincerely, Christine Dake, NY
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