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    im just beginning
  1. bekstah

    im stuck

    What does it mean when it says : * sc 7, hdc 8 ( repeat from * for 4 rounds) So I sc 7 then hdc 8 then repeat hdc 8 for 4 rounds?
  2. Im actually getting better.....though I have had to restart either bc it curled in on me or I lost my count but I am improving im so excited.
  3. Hi....im a first time stay at home mom with a 3 month old. I just started crocheting...I got a amigurumi starter kit with patterns and yarn to make a froggie. Im learning as I go looking up things on YouTube and reading what I can. Im mostly here to get help with exactly what these patterns mean. Any tips or suggestions are incredibly helpful im super excited to make goodies for family and friends
  4. sc 6 in magic loop - got that one inc in each st around - i do the inc in every sc? sc 1 inc - ? sc 2 inc - ? And so on.....I have an idea of what it would mean but im still confused....I just started crocheting and i cant seem to find anything online that looks like this.
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