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  1. He's too cute Judy! Yeah, #10 thread for Mario... He stands 5 1/2" tall.


    Thankx Pat, Mamma_crochet, Melissa and Micky! Oh and sis.. don't look too hard! :P

    :kick lol boo i got youuuuu lol

    actually feel awful today but had to do that i think i might have gotten stomach virus hubby wants me to go to er but i refused to let him spend the extra gas money for them to tell me i got a virus nad theres nothing they can do

  2. About time... I moved your pics too silly sis... you didn't post in the right place! They are all lovely btw... are you sure you didn't have Mom do them? :P

    :nahnah of course im sure she didnt do it lol im still trying to get her to grasp the concept of a rr period lol

    Look at me posting them in wrong section good thing i keep you on your toes or we wouldnt have a excuse to keep you around roflol jk

    Its great to be back.... and all of these pics are great i cant wait to get the mario in the mail btw lol

  3. :hug:hug:hug:hug:hug:hug:hug:hug:hug:hug:hug:hug:h ug

    Get this Melissa... My brother found my best friend from Kindergarten! We lost touch back in 1983 and have been looking for each other ever since! I talked to her Tuesday for 3 hours and last night for 4! I am so hyped up over this! Just wanted to share my good fortune with you! Bout time you got back too. Mom musta gave you a real bad whipping where you couldn't sit at the 'puter for this long time! :lol

    Roflol Yep she did but no really i am doing a lot better as soon as i find my camera bag from our trip i will post the pics i am starting 2 more today yay ill post those as well

  4. Immmmmmmmmmmmm BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK hey everyone sorry i had to go away for a few i had to take care of some personal stuff but im back ill post my finished pics tomorrow as i still havent took its picture yet but im starting on my next one and ill post those colors soon hugss and everyones blankets are so wonderful and to my sis there good to be back thanks everyone for yalls support

  5. I recieved my package and just so yall know karen carter is so awesome i will post the pics first thing tomorrow as my camera is in the van with hubby right now not sure what time the army will send him back but they said soon lol ok he said soon but who knows thank you one million times karen for being the best partner ever and i can not wait to show yall

  6. Let me know if it helps! Mine is starting to get frilly on me AGAIN so I might just go down a hook size to stop it. It is really starting to get on my nerves!




    Sue <-- Blonde :yes I was a towhead when I was little and have kept it pretty much that way since I was 17. Don't really know what color my hair actually is except can see some grey then :eek time to wash that grey right out of my hair! I tell everyone that I am blonde to warn them what is coming... been a blasted airhead all my life and still working on it too! Not being one that is... :yes So come join me on the blonde side of life! I used to cross stitch but my thumb got tired of being a pin cushin, don't knit, so hats off to you! and you are right about getting started on the bridal favors... what are they going to be?




    That is just the prettiest thing! I love the colors! Looks like Autumn to me when you are just getting over summer and the 1st cold spell hits and you are not ready for it... you look around and there it is... an nice warm afghan to wrap yourself up in and get cozy warm... mmmmmm oh, and sipping hot cocoa. :c9


    That is really pretty! Being a 1st timer on the afghan, let alone a rr... what makes you want to do these? I am just asking what you like about it... I am enjoying myself a little too but was just wondering!


    I will post a pic of mine later... I am not happy with it at all and am about to just start over... Don't mean to vent but sheesh these things are tempermental! :blush



    :eekno comments to me hmmm im telling :eek

  7. :devil


    Oh, Micky... That is so pretty! Truely a work of art! :2rock





    Susan... :hug It will be okay! :yes I just frogged a bunch of mine yet I am back crocheting this morning! Oh, and if I do make a little boo boo where I count and there are too many stitches,,, I just dec and if not enough on that one side, I increase. It isn't looking bad, it isn't perfect, it is a learning project for me and I can say you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! :hook So, I know you can do this just by what I have seen you do already! We are here rooting for you :cheer:cheer and know the trials you are going through. Maybe reread where we were just starting this and how we at our ages can still throw temper tantrums! ;) I look at mine and want to just tie if off and give it to a little girl for a dolly blanket right now but NO... we will finish this...


    Goofy Melissa, I was asking Andrea what else she takes with her to do while out and about. I was also letting her know about my new bag I bought myself... didn't say I bought it for a spoiled little brat like you! :devil Where is DH btw? Did he take off again already?



    Donna, Looking forward to the pics! I just know it will look so nice!


    Christine, What I do is right click on my photo that is posted somewhere online, click on properties, copy the properties, go to your post and click on the "insert image" above (little pic with mountains and sun) and paste it there. It should already have the http:\\ in front of it, so just take out that part before you copy or just copy over it. Just make sure you resize your photo you are posting online first. Can't wait to see them!


    Can't wait to see your pics Ann!


    I also hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. I plan on posting a pic tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how much I get done. Tata



    ugh not yet although i have news about our next post and when i get confirmation ill tell you the awful news till then im staying positive by not saying it outloud ugh hubby was out in yard cutting my crape merdals or however you spell that now we are off for sushi hugssssssssssssssssssssss

  8. Well,,I've posted a pic of my RR on my blog cause I havent quite mastered the art of posting in the Ville,,,I'll work on that. I frogged the first one:rofl but now that Ive got the hang of it, I think my next one will be nicer. I really need to think about my color pattern ahead of time. I was just winging it here, but had I really thought about it, I'd have done it differently. Not bad for a first try though right??? still have a ways to go, but I'm happy :yes:yes I'll go reread the instructions for posting photos & hopefully get a pic in show&tell Wish me luck :)



    i love the colors you are doing awesome

  9. I can't wait to see yours Andrea! I wish the camera had a rechargable battery! It has gotten to where I feel so guilty if my hands are not doing something all the time. Watching a movie means listening really. So hats off to you for not picking it up for 3 whole days!


    I guess baby EmoticonPaci.gif Melissa and I had better bury the hatchet... I know I don't want to be in the corner, especially with HER! :P


    So what else do you take with you?? I just bought a bag at WalMart for a whopping $10 that the bottom snaps up to make the bag smaller and bigger as needed. It has worked out wonderful since I can adjust the size accordingly.



    hehehe baby pfft lol jk ill go to the corner if i can take my crochet with me roflol and umm you didnt buy me a bag like that:eek

  10. Hey, you have all weekend, it can be done. And you officially have until midnight monday night. So that gives you some extra time.




    ty i got a long way tonight during our movie night and we still have one more movie to waqtch so maybe i will be done by then wooohooo



    umm to my mean sis lol you are so in trouble i told also my mom said she wasnt aware of another daughter one she ants child support and umm 2 she wants early retirment one more girl like me would have got her a little closer to the wooden box wander what shes trying to say lol

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