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  1. Oh, she's getting so big! Adorable The game was great, as we're the fireworks. I'm opposite of katy, i love the noise, the smoke and the smell of fireworks. Little Trubble was so animated the whole time, it was hilarious. Talk to everyone later,!
  2. Hello all! Mary jo, i hope you figure out which washer to get. There are so many to choose from. Can't wait to see pictures Katy. So far got our yard and the neighbors yard mowed today. Getting started on a be new flowerbed in the front yard, hope to get our rose planted tomorrow. Collected some rose buds, thorns and some stems with thorns, they are drying on the porch. I am ignoring the hibiscus, we'll see how that works. Now going to get ready to go to the ballgame. Hope Little Tribble likes it. Have a good evening and night, all! I'll try to check in tomorrow
  3. I guess I will try watering it less as there are more yellow leaves today. I read a website that said it could be too much sun, too little sun, too much water, too little water etc.... I am done already with the hibiscus Thanks crochetfan, it was just a picture from my tablet that I wanted to share with the lady I was talking to, not one of my projects. So I just didn't send her the picture . Thank you though, I will definitely do this in the future if I want to share a project in the forum or messages! Recover quickly, falls are no fun at all. I made an appointment with the d
  4. Oh my, that is an old plant. I am not sure about ours. Went out to check it today and it had about 10 yellow leafs on it. I have no idea what is wrong, so I moved it into more sunlight than it had. If there are still more yellow leaves tomorrow, I will try to figure out a different approach! If I am uploading a project that I have completed (this goes on my project list/page) I have not had to pay a fee. I think you can upload like 5 pictures per project. I might be wrong about the amount of pictures. When replying to one of the members yesterday In the messages, I was wanting to share a
  5. Good morning! Good luck to Rene, pineknott. Once I get out of here, I am going home and crashing in bed! Have a wonderful day, everyone....
  6. Wow! gorgeous afghans. I am currently working on two. We will see if they ever get finished!
  7. Thanks Pineknott! I am writing all the information down to try and keep this hibiscus with up WOW, she is getting so big. Such a sweetie! Not a whole lot going on here. Was really hot here today, had breathing advisors out. Mr Tribble was going to mow some of the yard, but I told him not to because he has terrible lungs. Always getting bronchitis and he didn't need to be out in the heat today. Even kept the dogs in a good bit of the day, until the side of the house has some shade. Have a wonderful night all!
  8. LOL, that doesn't make me feel any better at all! I am sure that Little Tribble is going to be irate if his flower dies. It's looking good so far, but we have had it less than a week ! I hope everyone has a great morning, I can not wait to get home and crash into bed!
  9. That's what I understood also when I did some research on keeping it alive. I'm going to have to find somewhere to sit it inside this winter. I read that they live for 6-8 years. How old are yours? I hope we can keep this one thriving, I do not have a green thumb, more a black one most times. I hope you get to feeling better! Back injuries are one of the worst things ever. I never realized how much stuff I drop until I have injured my back and have to sit in a chair to pick something up off the floor! Katy, the Tball team doesn't keep track of who wins and loses, which I think
  10. Katy, Glad you got your laptop! Hope they get the ville figured out for you soon. Little Tribble's last baseball game was today. He did really well. Much better than the last couple of games. Had to give him a talking to and ground him from his computer time for a day. Straightened him right up. Now to get him signed up for fall soccer. Repotted Little Tribble's Hibiscus in a larger planter. I have never had one before and really am hoping we are able to keep it alive. I'm not happy that I am going to have to bring it inside for the winter, I have no clue where I am going to put it.
  11. Just quick check in. Blankets are gorgeous girls!!! Getting ready to go to bed hope everyone has an awesome day tomorrow. ..
  12. Quick check in. I am here, just not had time to respond to a lot. Hope everyone has a great evening.
  13. Just a quick check in. Haven't been online much, Sorry to hear the sad news and thought with all during medical testing and surgeries. Hope to get to check in tomorrow.
  14. I don't understand people, really kind of why I don't have any friends myself. I lost a few when I got married because I wouldn't go out and just hang about after I had a family to take care of. They didn't want to hang out with hubby and I. I'm of the mind if we can't hang out altogether, we're not going to hang out. I like spending time with my husband not spending time away from him. I'm sorry that you have had to experience that. My friends are my husband and you all online. Glad to hear all went well, pineknott! It was very hot today here also. I worked till 7:30 this mor
  15. I missed 4 days of messages! Everytime I went to log on, I got sidetracked by something else! Sorry for not checking in sooner... Oh my ImmaFreek! Baby Jade is getting so big! Owlvamp, sorry about your headache. The computer light can do this sometimes, never pleasant. Hope it's better today. I am sorry about your friend. If any of it has been done on purpose doesn't seem like much of a friend to me. If it's happened more than once seems to be on purpose not an accident. I have had some friends who haven't been true friends and it really hurts. pineknott, that is really
  16. Tremors - one of my alltime favorite series EVER!!!!! The first one is by far the best one, but I loved all the other ones also... Great movies. LOL I will add Jaws to my list...
  17. ick, shell pieces in eggs. I've had that happen eating out and at home - not pleasant. Now my goofy dogs will steal the egg shells and eat them.. It's looking so pretty Katy. I don't know what color should go next. That is one movie I have never watched. I need to do that one of these days....
  18. I love him. I have a pattern for that exact jelly. The jellies I've made look a little different. I want to make a purple one and put it in a grape jelly jar. One of my friends kids when he was little thought jelly was made from jellyfish.
  19. Holy heck. I am gone for a couple of days and this place explodes - lol! Guess I shouldn't forget that I need to check my favorite forum daily. Thanks Tampa, Little Tribble is very happy to be back in his room. Yes, Katy, Little Tribble is very happy to be back in his room. He wants his walls gold. We told him we could do the botton part of them gold but the top part and the ceiling is going to be a different color. Right now that color we are considering is red. Has anyone every priced gold wall paint? WOW - it is pricy. Right now unsure when we will be able to get started on it as financ
  20. That owl is precious. I love him. Snowbear, hope the antibiotics fix you up like new. We're you able to figure out how to post pictures from my email? Took a nap after got home from work today until about noon. Then got up and did dishes since center every dish in the house was dirty, Swept the floors, done a couple loads of laundry dry including the dog bedding. Will do a couple more loads of clothing later tonight. We have a friend over and are going great to cook on the grill and maybe have a bonfire. I love grill food and bonfires. Going to be awesome. The people are
  21. That's my 2nd favorite batman movie. My first is with val Kilmer as batman and tommy Lee jones as two face and Jim Carey as riddler. Anyone watch the new Gotham show? It's pretty good, about Gotham before and during the development of batman, catwoman, riddler etc. It's on its 2nd or 3rd season. I'm somewhat behind but try to watch it when I remember. I think we're going to cook out this weekend, yum! Can't wait. Our garden is growing nicely, there are flowers on the tomato plants, soon turn into tomatoes, yay!!! Little Tribbles strawberry plant has flowers too. Going to
  22. Quick check in, getting ready to go to work. I work tonight and tomorrow and will be off Saturday and Sunday. One of our girls is on vacation so I will be doing some overtime next week. I am sure I will be happy oncenter I get paid, but i really don't like working 4 12 hour shifts. Yuck, lol. Have a good evening all!
  23. Hello all. About time for me to get started on chores. I've sat on my rear all morning watching animal planet. Didn't wake up till noon. Night shift really messes with your schedule. Lol. But I've been on it going on 17 years. I really need to get back to working on my crochet projects. I was sick the beginning of may and just havn't gotten back to it. Have a wonderful day all! Talk to you all later.
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