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  1. Quick check in. Slept most of the day after getting off work this morning. Did homework with LIttle Tribble. About time to get him in bed. Supper is late tonight because my father decided to get a laptop.... He has never had a computer in his life and Im really not sure what he's gonna do with this one, but Mr Tribble has been getting it all set up. I told Mr Tribble it was all him explaining it to my mother and father. Crocheted a bit on the scarf I'm making LIttle Tribbles teacher for christmas. DId Cleaned up the kitchen and have laundry going. But I think that might be my limit of doi
  2. Looks awesome lovein the wood cabinets. Holy heck, your an early bird!!!! I so am Not. Got up at 9:30 cause little tribble didn't wake me up when he got up. He was up watching youtube. Our friend came over, Mr tribble went with him, he's buying a truck today. He needed Mr tribble to drive his car back to his house so he could drive his new truck... ☺ So far I have laundry going, have chili in the crock pot, made little tribble breakfast. Next am going to get a shower. Once Mr tribble gets back, little tribble has a birthday party to go to from 2-3. One of his little g
  3. Great pictures, Katiebug!! Oh my goodness they are. They didn't get into too much last night. Played in Little Tribble's Creeper Valentine box. Little Tribble sure does enjoy finding them every morning. I saw that they have elf pets now that come with books. Do you know those things are 30$ as well!!! Goodness. I have a reindeer I can use for an elf pet, going to put it with them one day. It's a very cute plush Rudolf. Just can't justify 30$. But would sure love to have the book. I'm having such fun with these elves. Might have to add a girl to them next year. Mr Tribble says what in
  4. Quick check in all. I hope everyone that was feeling badly is better now! We've been so busy here the last couple of days getting all the Christmas things out and put up. And trying to keep up with the pesky elves on the shelf (we have 2 as grandma bought Little Tribble an authentic elf. We use one we bought for 1$ at a local store, the difference between these two elves is about 29$ and they look a little different). Anyway they have so far decorated the tree with toilet paper, ridden one of our reindeer, and gotten stuck in the printer. I wonder what they will get into tonight? LOL Still
  5. Might have to try that. He'd get a kick out of it I'm sure!!
  6. I love amity ville, Mary Jo. One day maybe I'll have as many crocheted things as you!!! Yep I would love a gold bar and real rubies as well!!! I tried knitting. I kept dropping stitches, and I couldn't figure out how to pick the stitch back up, so I would have to rip it all out and start over. I don't like doing that very well, so decided it wasn't for me. I'll stick with crochet. Not done a lot today , napped cause have to work tonight. Had little tribble do his homework and read a chapter of the book he's reading but that's all. Will warm up beef bourguignon
  7. Hello all. I hope everyone gets better quickly. Sometimes viruses seem to hang on forever! Went shoe shopping today got little tribble new snow boots as he'd grown out of his others. He also picked out a pair of John deer cowboy boots. Why in the world do they charge so much for kids boots and shoes? It's crazy! I got myself a pair of boots as well and ordered a pair for my stepson. They never have his size 15.... Mr Tribble got shoes at the last shoe sale in July so he didn't get anything today. They let you pick out your shoes (my employer) then split the total between 6 pa
  8. Don't get me wrong, I love wood. I love trees. I love the feel of wood, love touching trees. It's using the saw on the wood and trees I don't like. And the sawdust has a completely different smell to me than just wood and trees. I don't really know why but have been that way all my life. My grandmother did all kinds of wood projects including remodeling her house. Of course I was drafted to help at times. I will whittle with a knife and a piece of wood. I love doing that. Of course it never looks like anything, not a good whittler here. LOL Get well everyone who is ill! Seems like we all p
  9. Glad it went well! I'm not scared of the saw, I just hate the whole process. I hate the smell of sawdust it makes my teeth hurt (LOL, I know weird right?) The sound of the saw, I hate, it makes my ears hurt. I hate the feel of the wood on my hands as the saw cuts through it. I just hate the whole process. I don't even like to go into a lowes or a home depot cause of the sawdust smell. Wood smell, I love. Sawdust=nasty - blah... LOL My teeth are hurting just thinking about it. Slept today, but still sooo tired as I took a muscle relaxer as my back was killing me this morning, now I feel dru
  10. Be careful with the saw... I do not do sawing. I even despise helping the hubby when he does it, but I still get drafted anyway. I understand about not waiting though. Oh goodness, gorgeous tote and I am in LOVE in Bumble! All of the characters are awesome! So cute. Hope the kids are feeling better. It's horrible when the little ones are sick. After I get off work, going to drop Little Tribble off at school, then go to bed. I am soooo tired! Don't have to pick Little Tribble up until 4:30 tonight, he has that after school computer class on Tuesdays. I work tonight th
  11. Katiebug, hope your kiddos are feeling better. Mary Jo, katy, I loved the Krampus movie. I was leery about watching it, but really enjoyed it. The gingerbread cookies part was hilarious!!!! Ate leftovers all day today, will do the same tomorrow. Going to bed, have a good day today, all!!
  12. Cute pic, Happy Turkey night all! Tomorrow, I clean the house and cook the food lol...
  13. Lol, that is funny!!! I just use the boxed meals, all I have to add is water, milk, and tuna.... I've never made it from scratch. Might have to look up a recipe and see if I like that even better. Got to run to the store, little tribble is out of peanut butter. Heaven forbid!!! Then gonna eat breakfast then crochet a bit, and take a nap before work tonight... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving eve!!!
  14. Sounds like fun, bgs. Katy, i hope you get your appetite back. Sometimes I wish mine would go away... your afghan is coming along wonderfully. Need to go fix supper, tuna noodle casserole tonight.... yum... I've got one more rows of border to put on the tinkerbell afghan then weave ends and it's DONE!!! Woohoo, one down two to finish... Have a great night all.
  15. Napped today after work. Got up at 3:15 to pick little tribble up from school. We just finished homework and read a chapter of the book he's reading. I've been battling an eye infection, they suck.... Need to clean up the kitchen and bit... then supper and some crochet
  16. Hello all. It's in the 30s here. I really dislike it! Our kitchen sink has been plugged for about a week. A friend came over today and helped Mr Tribble get it unplugged. It was plugged with a huge glob of grease. How does that even happen? Mr Tribble's back has been bothering him terrible this last week. He just had the radio frequency eblation done a couple of months ago. It's supposed to last longer than that. I guess he's going to have to go back and have it done again. Slept today cause had to work again tonight I think I passed out when I laid down... Don't remember anything fro
  17. Weather was horrible here today. I hate this weather. Want the heat back... We won't have thanksgiving meal until after Thursday because I have to work Wednesday and Thursday night this year. Have to decide if we will have dinner Friday or Saturday, just not sure which day. I plan on Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing. Might be all this year. mini, That's the way I work. I'll sit for a bit, read a chapter of my book, do the dishes, read another chapter, vacuum. LOL Building strength back up takes so much time after you've been sick. Usually its, BAM your sick
  18. Thank you cshort! Mmmmm, i love Chinese. We always get crab Rangoon, szechuan beef and chicken, vegetable lo mein. Little Tribble will only eat the lo mein. Woke up, now can't sleep!! Bah!! Have to be up at 8 to get Little Tribble ready for school. Then to work tonight. Have a great day, all!
  19. Thanks!! I love your squares! They are gonna be so pretty together.
  20. Thank you!!!! This is for my mom for Christmas, almost done with 1 ghan. 2 more to finish up....
  21. Okay I need opinions. I'm not sure why this border is wavy, i thought it would be flat. Does it look terrible wavy? I took the purple off cause I didn't think the color looked good, but I love the yellow. I'm thinking a row of green then finish off with the yellow... but can't decide if it looks ok wavy... ☺ ....helps if I actually attach the picture...
  22. I hope you are right. I just keep crocheting along on the ghans! I love doing it but hate that I'm having to worry about getting it done in time... Sorry I can't help you with the yarn. Good luck finding some. Lol, mine takes forever to even get dressed. I usually have been harping at him for 5 or 10 minutes before I can get him moving to get ready. And heavens forbid, i forget to tell him to do something g. The child would go to school barefoot with butt hanging out if I didn't remind him to get dressed! Lol, I just figured out it was a James Patterson book, not a
  23. Katy, those are very pretty squares. I have only read one John Grisham book and I really didn't care for it. I think it might actually be the way he writes that I dislike because I like the movies that are based on the books. Stephen King is that way for me as well, I hate reading his books, but like a good bit of the movies. I love Dean Koontz books. Right now I am wanting so bad to begin reading the Dexter Series as Mr Tribble and I are currently watching the last season of the show. I'm not sure what series we will watch next. Maybe American Horror Story... But we have only watched the firs
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