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  1. quick check in. Just working and sleeping. Not getting much else done...
  2. Just a quick check in. Didn't get anything but like 3 rows done on the mermaid tail blanket as I cleaned the house for all day and we got the air conditioners put in the windows. Was able to sleep much more conformably. I like it pretty cool when I sleep so I can sleep under my -20 degree bigfoot sleeping bag - lol... But at least the house was clean and in order before I went back to work this week... Have a great night all!
  3. Loving the man eating plants... That looks bigger than I thought it would turn out.
  4. I havn't tried tums with this puppy yet, but have tried it out on our pug who sometimes has acid reflux. It doesn't seem to do much for her. But her reflux isn't real bad so I normally don't medicate her anyway. Thanks for the idea! I will try them out on the new puppy. Back when I still had my gallbladder I used to go through a bottle of those things a day.. Nasty things. LOL... I switched quick to Maalox and Mylanta still nasty but at least no chalkiness stuck in teeth....
  5. Mary Jo, that man eating plant is going to be FANTASTIC. There is many of those man eating plants I want to make... I collect them. They are few and far between! I have the doll from Monster High - Venus McFlytrap the zelfs Flytrap Parlor , the Sims Cow Plant is one of my FAVORITES!!! I have got to crochet one of those somehow. Then the Plants from Plants versus Zombies that I have got to make ! Anyway enjoy the pictures, lol Cute! Turned out adorable.
  6. Too bad you don't take nexium or the Pepcid you can get with a prescription to try for Hercules. You could always try some over the counter Pepcid or such. I know that my nexium works for my acid reflux and am currently trying it out on one of our puppies that vomits a lot and seems to be getting skinner. I havn't seen any vomit since I started giving this to her. She's on day three of this medicine. In one week I'm going to take her off of it and see if the vomiting recurs to see if it is a stomach issue or if she just overeats then vomits. If she begins vomiting again, I am going to put her
  7. Lambie and Bubble Gum are just precious!! Wow that's a lot of stockings! Very cute. Thinking about doing a craft show end of the year. I have been working on a few things for my inventory. I have a whale made, rat bookmarks, a fox bookmark, two rat scarves, a weiner dog, a jellyfish. I want to make some hats, more scarves and some lovies as well. Having fun making all these things. So far except for one of the rat scarves all were made from scrap yarn!!! Woohoo. I was pretty outside today but slept the day cause this is my third 12 hour shift, I hate 3 12s in a row anymore. We
  8. Was frosty this morning, but warmed up later on into the 60s... Have a great night all!
  9. Just a quick check in. I hope everyone is feeling better and that life has settled down for you all! Have a great night all!
  10. Quick check in. Just been busy here! LOL. We got a new bedframe (well its used but new to us) and are still getting things situated. Ive been organizing some things but I get frustrated as we just have too much for this size house... Trying to downsize, but I have such a hard time with getting rid of things! Going to have to call in the big guns and have Mr Tribble help me with getting rid of some things. Have a great night all. Talk to you all later.
  11. The doll is a cutie and the mice are fantastic!! Especially the little yellow one - LOVE!!!
  12. I think Mr Tribble just likes the taste of the peanut butter with the chili. I just don't like peanut butter... So cute!!! They turned out great as did next months tote! So springy. Just a quick check in!
  13. LOVE!! All are adorable
  14. I love everyones completed projects!!! They are all awesome. I am still working on Little Tribbles cross stitch and a couple of flat rat bookmarks he requested
  15. At least, Im not the only one!!! I adore those birds! And Crows, and owls, and Blue Jays... hmmm... cotton squares. What could be done with those... hmmmm awww, she is getting so big! Adorable... Mr Tribble always has a peanut butter sandwich with his chili. I don't really like peanut butter unless it is in rescees, lol. I usually have a grilled cheese with mine. I hope your knee is feeling better and I LOVE Miss Purple. So cute Don't have much to report from here, lol... Have a great night all.
  16. I like pink, katy!!! And those yellow ones are gorgeous as well LOL MJ... sorry, I am one of those idiots. I always feed the gulls! sorry .... I know better, I just love them so much! We had a girl quit in our department, so I've been working overtime. Not a fan of the time, but like the extra money!!! It's rainy and stormy here... Muddy mess once again!
  17. This happens to me ALL the time. I am forever trying to crochet and wake up having lost my hook down the couch!
  18. Mary Jo your babies are so cute! Cute ghan. I am sure he will love it! pretty ghan, love the pillows!
  19. I love the pokemon shaymin... He's the cutest hedgehog! I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant but haven't had it otherwise. I even had to do the insulin shots. It was neverending battle. Mr Tribble is diabetic and we have him in a good place. His levels have been where they are supposed to be for around 2 years now. He is on Farxiga and metformin. Been incredibly cold here. It was 16 yesterday and 32 at the highest. I am done with the cold. Ready to go out and enjoy nice pretty warm weather at the lake Havn't been crocheting a lot. I am currently putting together fl
  20. Mary Jo that is an adorable hedgehog! I have a hedgehog on my list of things to crochet. I want to make a regular colored one and a pokemon shaymin colored one. Snowbear, that is so pretty. Looking great! It's staying cold right now as well. I have decided that the lion and the lamb are having a knock down, drag out... LOL
  21. This is the way I normally clean. LOL. I work a bit on a project, then wash dishes, then project... etc... LOL It works for me
  22. Sounds like you are doing much better, Katy!! Glad to see you on here today. I've not done much the last two days, had to work. Lost my only 4.00 susan bates crochet hook somewhere around my crafting corner, but unable to find it anywhere! Mr Tribble bought the hook for me and it is my most used hook that I have! I am lost without it, plus being sentimental . Going to have to get a new one I guess. Have a great night all... I need to share a picture of my crochet holder that I made! Quick and easy too!
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