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  1. Aglaé


    I find !!! With pictures : http://crochet-land.com/free-patterns/big-flower-coaster-free-crochet-pattern and : https://thegreendragonfly.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/crochet-coasters-tutorial/
  2. Aglaé


    You could learn to read chart It's easy and after you can read all charts in russian, japonese and french And I must learn english !!!
  3. Aglaé


    I read your requests. I think somebody has written instructions in english because this chart is on Pinterest. Sorry for my english
  4. Aglaé


    Coasters Pattern on my blog or Pinterest. Granny heart Sun coasters Good crochet !
  5. Hello, For this new year, my diary is like this : And my pen Very easy to do Have a nice year
  6. Understand you the chart or no ? I would try to translate for you if you want tomorrow
  7. A garland for my home Free pattern (chart)
  8. Hi, I finished my first Christmas gift. It's a South Bay Shawlette but I modified it a little I love the pattern and the Drops Kid-silk.
  9. Hello ! This is my Christmas tree : Only with grannies. Good crochet !
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