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  1. Thanks to both of you...the idea of checking out the Neiman Marcus and Victoria Secret's is great since they are both unavailable to me locally. Empress_busy_bee -- you have posted some great links...I am going to check them out! Do keep your suggestions coming! Em
  2. Hi everyone, I may be mad but I am thinking of crocheting one as well if I can find a pattern that I like. So far, I have seen some but nothing is making me do the leap yet. Especially since I just finished crocheting Lily Chin's dress featured in the IK Crochet with modifications (see entry here) , I *think* I might just want to do something unique (crochet or knit is fine) and yet relevant to my craft for my big day! The style I am going for is sleek chic. So any suggestions are welcome! Cheers Emy
  3. Thanks Yarnster. To be honest, I don't quite wear hats too. My SIL would probably look fab in this one but she hasn't seen it yet -- she's been pestering me to *gift* her the white knitted beret I made. Em
  4. Thanks everyone, I like it too though my friend commented that it's a tad too small on me Being on a roll, I am now on a new crochet project!
  5. Thanks everyone! The pattern's from Family Circle Easy Crochet Fall/Winter 2005. It called for 2 strands held together but I preferred using a single strand and just simply went down on my hook size. It works well enough -- no stiffener needed. I just like it the way it is.
  6. Here's a beret I crocheted. Of course if you preferred a modelled shot, then it's at my blog: http://vintagefusionhandcrafts.blogspot.com/2006/04/i-wish-for.html Emy
  7. Hi Amy, Me from Singapore! Nice to meet you too!
  8. My blog (mostly knitting and crochet): http://vintagefusionhandcrafts.blogspot.com
  9. I am not at all surprised by the findings. Though my personal pet peeve is when I see written out instructions that require me to go repeat from ** to ** (xx times). I was finding it difficult to explain certain stitches where the stitch calls for a ch2, a dec2dc with first dc through 1st chain and 2nd dc through 3rd chain ==> does that make any sense? Or maybe it's just that i need to read up crochet instructions more?
  10. I am thinking of writing up some patterns when I realized I am truly stumped. Some of the pattern stitches I used don't translate well when it comes to written instructions. Or it's just odd shaped (like this pair of mary janes booties here...http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=14145 - i just did it in the round.) How many people would consider purchasing charts or symbols type patterns? (of course, I'll include some basic symbol instruction to let you know what they are.) I'll be interested to hear what your views are! Thanks in advance, Emy
  11. Hi Kathy, Could I know the software you use too? I find it so much harder to express my patterns in words and any software that could be used to chart out in symbols will make my life so much easier! Thanking you in advance, Emy
  12. See those chubbies that we built as part of our platform? http://vintagefusionhandcrafts.blogspot.com/2005/08/how-big-is-big.html Imagine there's 12 of them, all filled to the brim But honestly, 1.5 chubby are yarns meant for lessons and for sale. Em
  13. Thanks for the compliments! I can't believe how bright and eye-catching those booties look when out in the sun! I'm already planning on a 2nd pair in a different color soon.
  14. The bear looks so *round* -- I like my bears to look very full and rounded as they are so much more huggable. Really lovely.
  15. I whipped up a pair of baby booties for my friend's baby shower. She loved them so much! See the photo at my blog: http://vintagefusionhandcrafts.blogspot.com/2005/09/baby-kal-update_23.html Em
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