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  1. I figure for the time being I can work on small projects. I fell out of crocheting for a couple months,so I'm just now starting back,thanks for the replies guys!
  2. I'm having trouble getting motivated to finish this baby blanket I've been working on for months. The funny thing is I've finished other projects(scarves,hats,and amigurumi )in that same time. Why can't I finish this darn blanket? it's a simple V-stitch any tips?ideas? anyone ever been in a similar boat?
  3. creativeK

    Purple Piggy

    thanks everyone!
  4. creativeK

    Purple Piggy

    My second try at amigurumi. I had trouble with the eyes..so the piggy looks a little mean,but still I'm learning.
  5. thanks for all the input. is there any particular stitch to use when attaching crochet eyes(e.g whip stitch etc)?
  6. ok so I want to crochet the eyes, any tips on how to attach them?
  7. okay good to know. you can use felt too right?
  8. Which is better for Amigurumi eyes? safety eyes? or crochet in the round eyes? and how safe are safety eyes?
  9. thanks everyone! I'll take a look at those links,and try and follow the charts
  10. honestly all of it,but more so all of Row 2 on both sets. Like I need a simpler break down of both Row 2's
  11. I'm trying to get this filet crochet thing. I found a pattern in "The complete photo guide to crochet" and I'm having trouble understanding it.... 1) Row 1: 1 dc in 6th ch from hook *ch 1,skip next ch,1 dc in next ch,rep from * across turn Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as a dc,ch 1) skip first dc *1 dc in next dc,ch 1 rep from * across row,ending 1 dc in the 3rd ch of turning ch,turn there is another one as well.... 2) Row 1: 1 dc in 8th ch from hook *ch 2,skip next 2 ch, 1 dc in next ch, rep from * across turn Row 2: Ch 5 (counts as a dc,ch 2) skip first dc *1 dc in next dc,ch 2 rep from * a
  12. I have another question about amigurumi.... Some patterns use the chain 2 method and I'm having trouble with it,could I just use the magic ring? also for example if it says "6 sc in second chain from hook" could I do a magic ring and 6 sc into that ring? or could I also chain 4 or 6,join and work 6 sc into that ring?
  13. what's the best weight of yarn for amigurumi,ya know stuffed animals etc. I'm trying to make a crocheted ball for a head but I'm using 5 weight yarn,and I'm having some slight trouble.
  14. okay,well at least I interpreted correctly
  15. Under An Hour Cowl http://completecaptivation.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-very-first-crochet-pattern.html Admin Note from Amy: I've had to remove the pattern instructions, as it's copyright infringement to post them here without permission from the designer. If anyone would like to help the original poster, please click the link above and view the pattern on the designer's website. Thanks!
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