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  1. So sorry. I didn't know there were other groups with the same name. If you want to tell me your Facebook name I'll invite you, or pm me on FB, Becky Young Kirk.
  2. We have a group of crocheters and knitters on Facebook who swap 12" granny squares. Each person will have their own signature granny square to swap with each other member of the group. We're searching for more members as we are only a few friends at the moment. If you're interested check out Hooks and Needles on Facebook.
  3. Thank you for the advice. I took it apart, adjusted the pattern, and now it's an 8 point star laying perfectly flat. I am reducing every few rows when it starts to get loose. I'll post another pic when I get a little further into it. I found a tutorial for this pattern on youtube. It calls for a 6mm hook. Seems I might be able to make 12 points lay flat with a smaller hook but the hook I'm using (6mm) won't do that for me.
  4. I'm 17 rows into a 12 point star afghan and it ruffles. It was flat until about row 9. I've tried making the stitches tighter which seems to be making the ends a little stiffer but it still won't lay flat. At this point I'm going to have to live with it like this or start over. For future reference, what am I doing wrong?
  5. I want the details, too. Being very new to crochet I don't even recognize the stitch. What size hook did you use? Where can I find the pattern? I must make one!
  6. Beautiful. I love the waves of color mixture.
  7. macscout

    He cried!

    What detail! Is it diffcult to crochet graphics like that? I'm awestruck. What a wonderful story.
  8. macscout

    Baby Afghan

    I love the flowers. I just started crocheting and am finding so many patterns I want to try. Lovely. Just lovely.
  9. This is the afghan I just finished for my daughter. I'm really pleased with this pattern. I think I may make a rectangle one comforter size for my bed.
  10. Just finished my first crochet project after starting two other patterns and unraveling a few rows in. My son-in-law will get this for Christmas. I'm so pleased with it I think I'll make one in pink with either yellow and white or dark gray and smoke for my daughter. I've knitted for years but am finding crochet far better suited to large projects. Here are a couple of baby blankets I knitted for my 16 month old grandson and granddaughter-to-be (fingers crossed) arriving in the spring. The purple one shows the front side of the basketweave stitch while the yellow one shows the back side.
  11. Terri - I'm from Tulsa although I don't live there now. Where in OK are you?
  12. Hello back to all of you. I started a "shell and ladder" afghan shortly after my post. It's going well but looks like it will need about twice as much yarn as I bought and will have to wait till December to buy more so still frustrated in my effort to get a Christmas gift ready to mail in time. Thanks for the welcome. I'm anxious to check out the pattern suggestions.
  13. Becky from midwestern plains of US. I learned to knit in elementary school, early 70s. Picked up crochet for a short time but pretty much stuck with knitting throughout my youth. Gave up all yarn arts as a young adult. Relearned knitting several years ago, far surpassing my former proficiency but am getting frustrated with usung circular needles for large projects so decided to teach myself crochet. I just unassembled a granny stitch afghan I started a couple of weeks ago. That was my first crochet project attempt but each row kept getting wider and more difficult to reach the next hook insertion point so I gave up a dozen rows into it. I'm looking for a simple but sophisticated afghan I can complete in time to mail for Christmas in early December. It would be great if I could finish it in a week or so. I'm using super bulky yarn and size N needle. Any ideas?
  14. It's called Crochet Grannie Ripple Pattern on Youtube.
  15. It was the first stitch of a new white section. I got the pattern from a tutorial on youtube. This is the first crochet project I've ever done. I don't know what a turning chain is. Isn't "three block of dc" the pattern? See first photo. That's not what it was called on youtube but sounds like a description of the pattern to me.
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