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  1. crochetfan and Granny Square -- Thank you for your suggestions! Here's the pattern I was interested in doing: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L0116AD.html?iP=1 I did read that using a thinner yarn and a smaller hook will make it smaller. I was hoping to make this to be about 6 inches high and 3 inches wide (the size doesn't have to be exact). I'm mostly interested in figuring out the heel and toe. I think the rest is straightforward. Again, thanks again for your help. :-)
  2. I found a Christmas Stocking pattern from Lion Brand that I totally love. However, I feel that it's a little too big. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it smaller? I read that I should just cut the stitches in half but not sure if that would actually work. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Also, please note that I'm crocheting this pattern for myself, not to give out or to sell. :-)
  3. Thanks to all of you for your responses! I will go ahead and buy a few skeins. I probably wait until I get a coupon from Michaels or until the yarn goes on sale. :-)
  4. I want to try crocheting an entrelac scarf using the pattern from KnitAndCrochetNow.com (https://www.anniescatalog.com/knitandcrochetnow/patterns/detail.html?pattern_id=34&source=pinkkc) and was wondering if using Boutique Unforgettable yarn would work for this pattern. I have never used this yarn before and according to the reviews I've read, some say that this is great yarn and some say that it's really bad because it splits so easily. Does anyone have any opinions on this yarn? I'm almost afraid to buy this yarn due to the reviews. Let me know your thoughts!
  5. Donna, thanks for the great suggestion! I did not think of that. To all, thanks for all of your replies. I really appreciate it! :-)
  6. I agree with you that I should start working on it since it's possible that 2 skeins may be just enough. The scarf is for my mom who is a little under 5 feet so it won't be super long. I'll admit that I've been having trouble finding enough yarn that I like. Every time I find a yarn I like, there's only 1 or 2 skeins. Thanks for responding back to me, Kathy. I was not sure if anyone actually replies back to posts but I'm glad that you did.
  7. I have not started working on it yet as I am not sure if I can get away with 2 skeins. The scarf pattern is the "Shell Crochet Winter Scarf" from www.crochetgeek.com. The pattern calls for 4 medium ply yarn but I could not find any yarn that I had enough of so I thought I would be able to get away with using a thicker yarn. I suppose that I can use stripes but I haven't gotten the hang of switching yarn while crocheting. :-)
  8. Thank you, Kathy! The two skeins has a blueish tone than the other 2 skeins, which has a greenish tone to it. I had planned on making a scarf. Is it hard to find Lion Brand Tweed Stripes yarn? I know that Joann carries them but don't know what other store has it.
  9. I ordered some yarn on line since the stores were out and found that 2 have a different dye lot than the other 2. Should I try to find yarn with the specific dye lot or should I just mix them up? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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