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  1. Hi, My great aunt died years ago, but before that, she crocheted an afghan, gave it to a family member (who stretched/tore it up) and then sent it to me to repair I loved my aunt, so I'm mending it. What i've figured out so far, lol, yarn type/color, hook size I, how to reproduce her stitch tension, front v.s. reverse, whether she's worked a front or back hook, how she made her joins and have taught myself (thanks to great friends here) both how to put in a row of retaining "stitches" and how to replace a row of stitches in the middle of a piece---so that's something It's the pa
  2. Hi all : ) Help : how to invisibly repair 20 yo afghan w/ sig. damage--peephole chevron variant. Easy pattern, just need tuts for stabilizing damaged areas/ joining/finishing off yarn seamlessly. One hole--3" diam, the other, 10" diam. (in mid of afghan.) Have crocheted 37 yrs, this is my first big repair (non-crocheting relative asked for help--it's their afghan.) Thanks so much!
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