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  1. Hi, My great aunt died years ago, but before that, she crocheted an afghan, gave it to a family member (who stretched/tore it up) and then sent it to me to repair I loved my aunt, so I'm mending it. What i've figured out so far, lol, yarn type/color, hook size I, how to reproduce her stitch tension, front v.s. reverse, whether she's worked a front or back hook, how she made her joins and have taught myself (thanks to great friends here) both how to put in a row of retaining "stitches" and how to replace a row of stitches in the middle of a piece---so that's something It's the particular form of ripple/chevron pattern she followed of which I'm unsure (and my aunt's been dead for at least a decade, so her patterns have been lost to time.) I've ripped stitches out, then stitched them back in. It appears to be just reg. single crochet (possibly she worked both bars of the loops/chains on one row, then just the back loops on another--since those looks are projected outward.) My eyes are going blurry reading/testing every similar pattern I can, so I'm begging for help Find below a few pics that might hopefully solve the pattern mystery... Thanks so much! b (if there were also a dog and goose emoticon, I'd be over the moon!)
  2. Hi all : ) Help : how to invisibly repair 20 yo afghan w/ sig. damage--peephole chevron variant. Easy pattern, just need tuts for stabilizing damaged areas/ joining/finishing off yarn seamlessly. One hole--3" diam, the other, 10" diam. (in mid of afghan.) Have crocheted 37 yrs, this is my first big repair (non-crocheting relative asked for help--it's their afghan.) Thanks so much!
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