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    Boise, ID
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    Music, writing, hiking, people
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    Owner of YouBeingSocial.com - We Do Social, So You Don't Have To
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    Aphgan, dishcloths, scarves
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    1st aphgan in 1989 ish
  1. Hi all! I hope someone has made this simple aphgan before...and to be honest, I feel silly even asking for help. I feel like I *should* be able to figure this out. At any rate, here goes: I am working on an aphgan that has texture, bubbles, from a triple stitch every 3rd stich. So, the pattern goes - sc, dc, tc, sc, dc, tc... I think the original pattern was actually called 1, 2, 3...and if my memory serves me, it was originally a baby aphgan. Here's my question: At the end of the row, is it just a turn and start the sc, dc, tc.... or does the pattern call for a triple chain and then start the sc, dc, tc. I have started to work on this again and it looks wrong, but I can't place whether it's because I should not be doing the triple chain at the end of the row, or if my knots are just so much looser than they were years ago. Thank you so much for any assistance you can give! Best regards, Jennifer P.S. I have tried to take pics of this pattern, but because of the use of variegated yarn in jewel tones, the pattern is virtually undetectable in images. If you have a suggestion of how I might be able to better photograph it to assist, let me know!
  2. Hello all - So happy to have found you all. I used to enjoy crocheting but life got too busy for a while. I am, thankfully, finding myself with some time to pick up an old, fun, hobby! I'm not very advanced, but sure have fun doing it!
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