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  1. Calesmommy


    It is cooll.
  2. Another thing you can use is old cotton clothes, like socks t shirts. I did that for a pillow I make for my son her loved it, Although it does make them heavier
  3. By BF calles it stiching and B***ing haha. But yep people have done that to me too.
  4. Thanks Amy I would hate to see anything happen to the ville, may not get here everyday, but love it when I do Take Care
  5. Your Problem with your hubby and yarn sound like me and my BF problem with tools. I keep wanting to buy more tools for my work and he says no, but every week the snap on fairy brings him something new. (We both work on diesels and stuff)
  6. Hey that is the best thing about crochet, when you need a break set it down, and when you are ready it will be waiting for you.
  7. I did that I have a whole lot of books I put in a tote and forgot about them until I was looking for a pattern for something and dug through the whole house. Then I found them
  8. I have WIP up the yazoo, my questionis can I could the skiens that I use toward my 2007 goal, if they weren't started in 2007? My goal is 200 skiens before I buy new yarn, I'm on four!
  9. My patterns now have there own book case cause I have so many of them
  10. I found one on a free crochet website a long time ago. I will see if I can find it again.
  11. That is a neat stitch I will have to try it out.
  12. The hooks are joining forces against us. I bet they have secret meetings somewhere and they party afterwards and do not make it back.
  13. Look at the Crochet a DAy Calender. 2007 Got one for christmas and there are some neat ideas in there. I just finished a scarf from there, I used different yarn came out great.
  14. I plan on using what I have before I buy more. I want to use 200 skiens this year. Last year I said a hundred and fell short. This year Im going to keep track. Good luck
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