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  1. Well, I'll try. I'm not sure how to post pictures from my digital camera or my 3DS, though I know how to take pictures with the devices, just not how to get them to my computer, LOL. I'm living behind the times
  2. Yes, I had trouble in the past sewing buttons with thread as it does break eventually. I actually did something similar with a tapestry needle. I threaded some crochet thread into the circle and the first stitch and kind of weaved in and out of each of the stitches toward the bottom and then I looped the needle into the crochet thread a few times to secure. Then I continued around and around, in essence "weaving in" the ends and it seems to be holding. It's extra work for me, but at least it will stay together. And no, Magiccrochetfan, I did not have any information. They were just a bunch of little balls of fingering yarn that my mom had had for years. She was cleaning out her closets and found it... Thanks for the advice everyone!
  3. Thanks Katyallen8090. I only have white sewing thread, but I may be able to use crochet thread, of which I have a million colors. I hope it works!
  4. Yes, it is a little old, or I am assuming it is. I actually did the same thing with brand new yarn that I just purchased to see what it would do and it did the same thing, though not as badly, so I think I should either chain a few stitches and join or do a magic loop for the rest. However, I have already made 27 of the 29 motifs, so I was also wondering what I could do to reinforce the middles of the motifs so that they don't come apart later while wearing or washing. Thanks for replying magiccrochetfan.
  5. I am crocheting a motif wrap with some fingering yarn my mom gave me. It's all different "sizes" and 'textures", but it works for a motif collage that I'm doing. My question is: I am to crochet a chain of 4 and place 19 DC into the fourth chain and then join. When I am finished with that part, I always work my hook into the wrong side of the piece and do a chain one with the tail to secure everything. I pull tightly and I end up tearing the work apart from the inside out. This has NEVER happened before and I always start the weaving process in this manner to help secure ends. It doesn't come apart from the tail, but rather from somewhere else and completely unworks itself. What am I doing wrong and what could I do to reinforce the motifs I have already made so that doesn't happen again??? Any answers would be exceptionally helpful, as I only have until the end of the month to finish for a birthday present. Thanks.
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