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    Ramsgate, Kent, UK
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    Crocheting, Reading, Writing and Poetry
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    December 2013
  1. Hello, I'm from Ramsgate, Thanet, Kent. Would be nice to chat at some point
  2. Hello Everyone, I;ve just joined here today. My name is Hazy (not short for Hazel) and it is my real name after changing it 6 years ago via Deed Poll. I've been crocheting for just over a year now and right now I'm crocheting a ripple stitch baby blanket for my unborn niece, I've already got one nephew and one niece and my unborn niece is due in January. I have yet to crochet myself a little something but at the moment others are coming first, I have a wonderful woman whom will soon be my wife that is also my full time carer, we are both disabled but we look after each other. We are yet to adopt children of our own which we will be doing once married. We have between us one ferret, one dog and three cats which at the moment and always will be our children. In two weeks today I will be 21 years old and have medical conditions preventing me from working, even crocheting too long can leave me in a lot of pain, my partner is 51 and is a stroke victim, she had 6 strokes in one week back in 2011, I on the other hand have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrom, Depression, IBS, Anixety disorder which prevents me from going out often, Asthma which flairs up when I'm stressed or having a panic attack so yeah not doing the best but never mind I still get up with a smile and a positive look on life when I can. Crocheting is the only thing that helps me cope with all that is going on in life even if it does cause a Fibro flair up when crocheting too long but that doesn't faze me. At the moment I have premently disowned one of my brothers which now leaves me with my mum (who's also disabled), my grandfather whom I call dad (slowly dying on us), my nan (who's also disabled), one brother, one sister-in-law, one nephew Curtis, one niece Danielle, my nana, two aunties, one uncle, loads of cousins, my partner Becki + her daughter Sam + five grandchildren. That's about all I can say about me to be honest, but I do look forward to making new friends whom enjoy crocheting as well as there isn't many in Ramsgate, Kent, UK where I live.
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