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    amigurumi owl!

    http://lisalovesyarn.blogspot.com/2010/12/owl-amigurumi-for-kim.html here is an owl i made while i had time off for christmas!! it's for my friend kim who loves owls. i'm going to surprise her with it tomorrow =)
  2. http://lisalovesyarn.blogspot.com/2010/12/owl-amigurumi-for-kim.html here is a new pattern i whipped up while i was off for christmas!! my friend kim LOVES owls so i wanted to surprise her with one. enjoy!!
  3. he looks so cuddly!!! he's really cute =)
  4. leesespieces

    my squirrel

    i love his face!!!! he looks so happy!!! you did a really good job, he looks awesome!!
  5. I recently came across a folder on my computer of pictures of things I crocheted a few years ago and I got soo excited LOL. The attached image is a giant cupcake I made up as I went along (I was going through a cupcake obsession phase). I used very thick yarn... I want to say it was Caron Simply Soft Thick or something like that. I basically made a circle for the base and made the walls of the cupcake by doing under-the-post double crochets and then just decreased to make the top and added a shell stitch to it. It's probably about a foot wide and a foot tall and it now sits on my mantel!!
  6. I had these patterns up for sale a few years ago but ended up abandoning the whole thing. I managed to find the patterns still on my computer and decided to put them up for free. Enjoy!! http://lisalovesyarn.blogspot.com
  7. Hi guys, it's been quite a while since I've posted... probably almost 3 years!! I've been busy finishing school but now that I'm about 3 weeks from having my bachelor's degree I couldn't wait any longer. I've resurrected my old blog and put some patterns that I attempted to sell a while back up for FREE. I want to get back in the game!! Enjoy!! http://lisalovesyarn.blogspot.com
  8. those posts had some great ideas, thanks!! yeah, i live with two boys who know their way around a toolbox, and my boyfriend is a nerd, the two construction boys just basically REDID my hallway a few weeks ago, so they're inspiring me LOL. this used to be my grandfather's house before he passed away last december, and it needs a LOT of fixing up, so what better time to do the i-am-woman-hear-me-roar and learn how to do it? lol =)
  9. i got ambitious yesterday and finally ripped up the awful old carpet in my boyfriend's and my bedroom yesterday, so now we have a pretty wood floor, and i have to hurry up and finish this crochet rug i'd started about a month ago cuz he doesn't like stepping on the floor LOL. it's one of those 3 strand stash busting rugs, 'cept i had so many different shades of cream and brown that it looks like i planned it lol. anyway, my original question, i've heard that puffy fabric paint on the bottom of slippers will give them grip, can i do that to this rug or is there something better i could do to keep it from slipping?
  10. for some reason i remember the last time i felted a long strap on a purse, it didn't shrink nearly as much as i had wanted it to. this time i want a strap that's going to be about 18 inches long, and if i went with the shrinking by a third rule, i'd have to make it like 27 inches long. should i do that?? or does it for some reason not shrink as much as usual?
  11. oh my dear... it is not about the money... it's about the fact that you're using your time constructively and not DEstructively, like you would be if you were to just smoke or drink or eat or just lay on the couch watching movies. instead, you're working towards something, a beautiful something that you can either cherish forever or cherish forever the fact that someone else is cherishing it forever. AND you're destressing yourself, which is infinitely good for your health and overall feeling good. who can put a price on that? =)
  12. just figured i'd warn everyone, i whipped up a bowl in double crochet out of one skein of this yarn today and WOW. just one 15 minute spin through the washer and it shrunk to 1/3 of its original size. i didn't get to take pics though. =( i also made a bowl with the patons SWS and that shrunk about half, which is what everyone usually says. the caron felt it yarn felts really pretty with the colors in it but it shrinks like CRAZY!
  13. i made a bag in all single crochet once and i remember it shrunk way more horizontally than it did vertically. i just felted a bowl i made with double crochets and patons SWS (which might make a difference too because i've heard it shrinks a lot more), and it seems to have remained pretty equal in proportions, it just shrunk to about half its size after one run in the washer. i want to devise a crochet felted pattern for this purse: and i'm thinking that if double crochet makes it shrink more evenly, that would make this ULTIMATELY easier. am i right???? anyone have any ideas on the pattern too???
  14. thats gorgeous, and it looks so snuggly =) what stitch is that?
  15. that is adorable!!! i think that's my favorite FBB i've seen!!
  16. i went to ohio for the first time with my boyfriend about a week ago. his family lives there so i went there to meet them for the first time. =) i live in new jersey and we don't have any hobby lobby's around here. i fell in LOVE with the store. i totally wanted to move there just because of that store. and that yarn!!! i can't wait to go back and get some, i ended up getting some fancy crochet hooks and nylon thread this time. =D
  17. i LOVE the colors in that!! it's so pretty, love the shape too!
  18. ****!!! my god and i thought $40 was high for a skein! what a great sale!
  19. i LOVE the boston terrier bear mimi, looks just like one. though if i left a toy next to my puppy, she'd be eating it. LOL miller, same here! i made the body of another one that i want to make into chococat but it's remained yet another identityless body LOL.
  20. that's what it is, and usually i fix it by making that turning chain shorter, but i'm not sure if that woudl work with hdc. with a dc i only ch 2, maybe try chaining 1 instead? seems too short but it might help.
  21. my aunt (dad's sister) and my mom both crochet and i recently found out that my grandmother on my father's side was an absolutely incredible knitter. i think some of it may have come out of necessity, seeing as they lived in germany in the 1920s-1940s. my aunt showed me this gorgeous hat that my grandmother knitted her when she was a little girl. it had an extremely tedious looking fair isle design and this funny shape where the back of it formed sort of a square. and it was done with what looked like baby fine yarn no less. i hope i can match that in crochet someday lol. i think a lot of my mom's family crocheted, or did needlepoint, or counted cross stitch. my mom crochets and she used to LOVE counted cross stitch, she's got so many kits in baskets in our living room. i also had a close friend of the family babysitter that knit all the time. in fact, she's the first one that tried to teach me probably when i was around 7 or 8. she knit slippers all the time and i always liked to watch her. when she taught me, she just got one started for me and just showed me the knit stitch, so i kept doing it, and i got aggravated because all it did was make a square LOL. but now that i think about it, i've been surrounded by fiber arts. it's no wonder i turned back to it after ignoring it for so long.
  22. thanks guys, i loved all the ideas, the "sprinkles" was definitely adorable but i have no patience LOL. i think i'm going to go with a polymer clay cupcake button for a closure, andi think that'll add just enough embellishment for me. i've been practicing making polymer clay cupcakes all night because i can't find any ANYWHERE, except for one girl on etsy but she hasn't answered me about doing a custom order yet, so until then, i'm trying my hand at clay! as soon as i'm finished, i'll try to write out a tutorial for the handles in my blog. =) the bag was made with peaches n cream double worsted weight cotton yarn in cream by the way - i LOVE it! it reminds me of buttercream, and the yarn is so thick and sturdy but soft. it's great for these bags =)
  23. that came out really cute!!! your tension really is perfect, looks machine made!
  24. ok, so i finally made a fat bottom bag. and THEN i braved it up and came up with a new way to do handles and it worked out. but it looks so plain. i need to do something with it. the fabric that it's laying on is the fabric that it's lined with and i'd like to stick with the cupcake theme. the crocheted cupcake up in the corner was originally started to be an applique for the front of the bag, but it doesnt look right on the bag, even if i did add pink edging and a face to it. what can i do to this bag??? this is the pic with the crocheted cupcake in the corner. so what do you guys think i should do???
  25. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! here's a story of appreciation i think would go along with betty's dilemma: when my best friend of about 5 years was pregnant, i got excited and planned all this stuff to make for her baby. i told her about most of it, like cute little outfits, a blanket, etc. she seemed so nonchalant about all of it that i didn't even bother. my mom made her a pretty mint green baby blanket for the baby and i doubt she even uses it. i have this friend on myspace that i've only emailed back and forth with, we've never actually hung out or anything, but we consider each other friends... she just found out she was pregnant and right after i congratulated her, the first thing she said was, "when i find out whether it's a boy or a girl will you make me a baby blanket?!" i was flattered because unlike my "best friend," this girl looked at pictures of what i've made and loved them. i just don't understand people sometimes. :/
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