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    Hi everyone =)

    My name is Garo, well, actually is Edgar but my friends call me Garo hehe, i'm from Mexico and i've been a crocheter since 2011 (thanks to one of my friends who introduce me in this amazing world ^_^)

    I've a blog where i share my crochet patterns for free (they're in english and spanish) and i love it because i've had the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world! =)
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    Crocheting, Reading, Music
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    Amigurumi, Clothes, Flowers.
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  1. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the nice comments in my other patterns Today i wanna share with you TWO patterns to make a Crochet Christmas Sphere ^_^, they're super easy to make and i hope that you like it too! =) Crochet Xtmas Sphere One Crochet Xtmas Sphere Two
  2. Hi everyone! Today i wanna share with you, six free crochet applique patterns to make Stars! ^_^ Christmas is almost here, and i think this stars are going to look beautiful around the tree, but the best of all is that they're useful all the year in hats, keychains and more! ^_^... don't you think? I hope you like it! Have a great day! ^_^ - Basic Crochet Star #1 - Basic Crochet Star #2 - Basic Crochet Star #3 - Basic Crochet Star #4 - Basic Crochet Star #5 - Basic Crochet Star #6
  3. Thank u all for the kind words! =) We're under the mummy's spell LOL!
  4. Thank u Katy =) Have a nice day! ^^
  5. Hi everyone! =) How are you today? I hope great! =D October is here and Halloween too! So i decided to make some cute phone cases that ended up being candy bags too! ^_^ I made a happy Frankenstein, Mummy, Vampire and Ghost! Hope you like it =) - Frankenstein Phone Case + Candy Bag - Vampire Phone Case + Candy Bag - Ghost Phone Case + Candy Bag - Mummy Phone Case + Candy Bag
  6. Garo


    Thank you Cindy
  7. Thank u Avon Lady =)... i hope the patterns can be very useful to you! =)
  8. Thank you for the nice comments
  9. October is here again ^_^, and if you are going to have a Halloween party i think you're gonna need (and love) this crochet project This small but pretty "Pumpkin bag" is super easy to crochet, you do not need a lot of yarn and the best of all, is super useful all the year! ... you can put pencils, keys, more candies (lol), money etc... Hope you like it! Pumpkin Gift Bag
  10. Garo


    This crochet applique is available in three different sizes, is super easy and fast to crochet it. I like it a lot because it looks good on everything hehe... i use it a lot to make keychains or as a plus in a gift =) Crochet Heart
  11. When i started crocheting i fell in love of crochet flowers, so i tried to make some by my own and they have been really useful to me, i hope they can be useful to you too! =) They've different petals and some of them have a chart too! - Six-Petal Flower - Eight-Petal Flower - Mini Eight-Petal Flower - Twelve-Petal Flower Hope you like it!
  12. Hi everyone! My name is Garo... well, actually is Edgar, but my friends call me Garo and now it's like my name hehe I'm from Mexico and i'm 25 years old (my birthday was in June hehe), some months ago i decided to learn English and recently i start to participate in crochet forums in english because i think is a good way to improve it, to learn amazing patterns and also meet awesome people I started crocheting in 2011, thanks to one of my good friends, i remember that my first crochet item was an amigurumi, a small chicken, that i gave to my niece and i think is somewhere in
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