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  1. Thank you for the reply. I think I figured out what I was doing. When I use my 14" hook, I'm moving it up and down as I'm working the rows, and that was loosening my right edge. The only reason I noticed this was because I recently worked on a project using my hook with the extension cable, and that project did not end up with the loose right edge. So, now I'm just very aware of what I'm doing when I use the 14" hook.
  2. Hi everyone. I've been doing tunisian crochet for a while now, but I'm just starting to get irritated enough with my loose right-side edge that I'm reaching out for some help. Either I've dreamed it, or it really exists and I can't find it, but I could have sworn there was a trick to making sure the right edge of tunisian crochet stays snug. Anyone have any advice?
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