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  1. I got the the crochet scarf pattern from Etsy. I think she said she would have a tutorial soon for the scarf, but nothing as yet.I am a little confused what am doing , yet so I will better explain when I figure out what I need from a guide. I have part figured out I think .I am working with some Bernat baby bundle yarn Super bulky 6 in color elephant. Be a little challenge to work with I know. I appreciate knowing someone may be able to help as I try and learn to do this project. Thank You! in advance.
  2. I was wanting to know if someone would guide me through a paid pattern By Julie Coco Cocoa Owl Scarf. I am looking for someone that would have this pattern also. I know my stitches. Just with my count, am a bit confused at the beginning of the pattern too.
  3. I am trying to find an Adult size wrist or arm wallet bracelet, and or band, to wear. Prefer a free pattern if possible. I made one from a free pattern, it to small. I don't know how to enlarge a pattern. I tried using a larger hook didn't workout.
  4. I have a paid pattern. I am trying to get to work out, I don't understand step 4 of the Pedals Of Passion Pattern. Does anyone have this pattern that would be able to assist me ?
  5. I am wondering If I am doing the corners properly? I am currently back on my 2nd row in the duches lace pattern. I am not sure if I am doing this right ? I did watch the video, but don't see the last stitch properly. I put 2 doubles crochet at the end, then chain 3. Turn, then in the first space for 2nd row I do 2 double crochet into space. chain3 and slip stitch in to the space. It looks odd to me.
  6. I am having problems ending my 3rd row on this pattern. I would like it if someone would show me how it should like, when done that row. Thank you kindly in advance, for taking the time to respond, and to show me. The last stitch of this row. http://www.leeleeknits.com/free-chunky-crochet-throw-pattern/
  7. Chain112 Row 1: [2 DC, 3 CH, 1 Slip Stitch] in 4th ch from hook, *skip next 2 ch, [2 DC, 3 CH, 1 Slip Stitch] in next ch; repeat from * to end of row, turn. How many repeats should I have at the end of row ? Do I divide 112 by 3 ? http://www.leeleeknits.com/free-chunky-crochet-throw-pattern/#comment-489
  8. I am crocheting Eva's Shawl https://milobo.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/evas-shawl1.pdf Not sure where my stitch should go Row 4 Stitch to marker, do I dc in the same stitch then into the space chain one and dc again into space.dc and chain one miss a stitch and dc into next two sttiches ? Left a little confused ? Eva’s Shawl Row 4 (eyelet row): Ch 3, DC at base of turning chain,ch1, miss one DC *(DC in next 2 stitches, Ch1, miss one DC) to stitch before next marker, DC into stitch before marker, Ch sp incr, DC in next stitch, ch 1, miss o ne DC, repeat from * twice, (DC into next 2 stitches Ch1, miss one DC) to end of ro w, 2DC into turning ch, turn
  9. I appreciate you responding to me so quickly Magicrochetfan. Thank you, so much, for your time, and help.
  10. Would someone explain to me and some others who are confused as to where that first stitch goes. Where to make your first stitch, when a pattern says. Turn work, Ch 3, 1 DC at base of turning chain. ? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/evas-shawl
  11. I am doing a test piece, when going around my small cowl, I get a ladder effect when joining. Is this suppose to happen ? I am joining with a ss , chain 2. Alternating double front post, and back post.
  12. Thanks so much, this will make much more sense, I think now. I will work at this till I get it right. I am not so sure why but am a bit of perfectionist with crochet, but not as much, with anything else. Cute kitty, Kittyloverdeb.
  13. I am ending up with 83 stitches on my cowl by not counting the chain 1. Is this correct ? The beginning chain is 84 stitches. http://attic24.typep...eck-poncho.html
  14. http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/2014/11/cowl-neck-poncho.html
  15. Second round, chain1 does not count as stitch. 1 treble front post around stitch at base of chain. When I do this, after slip stitching for the next round I end up with two stitches joined. Do I count both stitches or just the chain one stich that used to go around the base to make the front post ? I think I may have figured this out . I don't count the stitch.
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