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  1. Hello Darksi, is there a pattern for the Sweaters you make as a set with the Ripple Blankie's? Gosh such beautiful work you do, I just can't quit looking at your work. Thank You. Conni
  2. Ohhh my gosh how awesome is this?! I love it! Thank you Darksi!
  3. Wow this is so beautiful, thank you!
  4. Thank you did go to join the group... I'm not good at maneuvering so lets see how it goes lol Thank you
  5. Thank you! I stumbled on you when I was looking for Doll patterns and I find one here and one there. I'm still trying to maneuver in this site. Your patterns are amazing! You're a great designer and I thank you. Conni
  6. Hello Darski is this pattern still available, please? Thank you!