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  1. Magic,


    Thank you for your responses. I tried guessing where the sides of the big and little toes are and working it that way. Then I tried your recommendation of just doing them all at the center of toes (except for inline decreases). Neither one seemed to look right because I kept getting a point at the center of the toes.


    So, I went back and adjusted the sole pattern and decreased the no. of double stitches at the top of the sole (replaced 2 - 2 dc in st for center 3 sts, with 1 dc in in center 3 sts).


    I have just started on the Upper Section. I plan to just do most of the decreases in the center with these exceptions:

    Round 5 - "Decrease 1 st at each side of instep"; I will eyeball the center sides of slipper and make decreases there as you suggested.

    Row 7: I will guess where the big toe begins and make 2 decreases, then guess where little toe ends and do 3 decreases. Hopefully this will shape the top of the shoe a bit. On the 2nd slipper these sides will have to be reversed (so I end up with a right and left slipper).

    I will let you know how it goes after I get past that point.


  2. I am trying to figure out the vintage "Double Buckle Slipper Pattern/No. 4706" from freevingtagecrochet.com.


    The instructions for the Upper Section, Row 4, read:


    "Work in s c, decreasing...2 sts on each side of toe (space evenly)."


    What does that mean? It is not the center of the toe section. It says "center of toe" when working those stitches. Do I just guess where the big toe starts and the little toe ends and dec 2 sts there?


    Thanks for your help. :)


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