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  1. Forgot to post this work in progress (Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy"). He's probably one of the most difficult figures I've ever tried to re-create, and I find myself putting way more detail than I probably should for an amigurumi
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, and to crocheting in general (I'm self-taught through the magic of YouTube videos) and have been crocheting for about 2 or 3 years now; I have a background in sculpture so that's kind of helped I just wanted to share a few of my latest and favorite creations (Slimer from Ghostbusters, a bonsai tree, an iris, and the Jersey Devil {based off of the famous 1909 sketch}): None of these are pattern-based (I free-hand everything, and base my work off of photographs of the objects I'm creating), but if there's enough interest in anything I do, I would consider taking the time to work out the patterns. Hope you all like them