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  1. Roley

    Reading a digram

    Sorry for the post of the picture of diagram. Thanks for the help, maybe I can figure it out.
  2. Roley

    Reading a digram

    Hello All, Just starting to try and teach myself how to read a diagram and they can be confusing. Can someone help me with row one. I have found a stitch reference that has helped somewhat but nothing like this one. The first row has chains but I'm confused on the loop with an x under. Here is a picture. I apologize if I haven't posted this in the correct area. Thanks for any help
  3. I'm thinking the top stitches are either double or half double but the bottom ones that looks like its going sideways I'm at a loss. Anyone have a guess. Thanks for any help
  4. Thank you! Needed a fresh pair of eyes, me and the hubs couldn't figure out which it was.
  5. Hello all, Does this look like a double crochet stitch. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hello everyone, New to the forum and fairly new to crochet. Have a few basic stitches pretty well down enough to have made a blanket for grandbaby that's to arrive this month. In hopes of learning more.
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