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  1. Thanks Kathy and Collette for the feedback. At least I know I am not going completely mad. Again I apologise Amy for the upload and thank you for amending it. I was on my tablet (rather than laptop) which made it difficult to work out where/how to amend. It won't happen again.
  2. Morning Kathy, Sorry about uploading the whole pattern You're right that the whole structure is the problem which made it impossible to pull out a particular section but completely understand the whole copyright issue so will remove. New to this forum so will fumble about to do this. In the meantime - has anyone attempted this pattern? Anyone....anyone.....? X
  3. Hi there, I am wanting to try an Aran style throw blanket (page 106) from this book "Crocheted Afghans - 25 throws, wraps and blankets to Crochet" by Melody Griffiths but it has really stumped me. It is done in panels but doesn't indicate which panel goes where, which panel you start first and no plan or diagram apart from the gorgeous photo. From my look at it, I should start with the central section but from there I am lost. I was just wondering if anyone has ever attempted this pattern or ...well are just a crochet genius that could PLEASE help me decipher it. Please put me out of my misery :-( Thanks in advance for any help and guidance. cheers B from Melbourne x
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