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  1. So does that mean I chain two, then skip one and do the slip stitch into that chain? Maybe it's just the wording, I'm getting confused on. I hope I don't sound too dim here ????
  2. Yeah, that does help, but what about the part where it says chain 2 then slip stitch into the next two stiches? When I do that, or when I do what I think that means, I don't see how it makes them hook holders?? It doesn't seem any different than if I were to just stick the hooks through the from loops I made. Does that make sense??
  3. I'm making this crochet supply case thing, and I'm just about done with it. But the instructions on how to actually make the loops that hold the hooks have me confused. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/easy-crochet-hook-case-2 This is the link to to the pattern I'm looking at and roughly basing mine off of. But I was hoping someone could explain the part under "Hook Holders" to me. It would be very appreciated : )
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