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  1. Thank You to everyone for their thoughtful and amazingly helpful contributions!! I am still somewhat ambitious in regards to this project and might try to incorporate of of the above methods in something big. I've been aspiring to make an entire dress with lace crochet, which will definitely take forever but I'm willing to try. Again, Thank you all!!
  2. Hiya, So while cleaning out some of my crochet stash, I had an idea I thought was totally brilliant. The problem is that I don't know if its completely possible and kind of don't want to try if its not going to work. Anyways, I rediscovered a single motif pattern that I've managed to adapt to be able to crochet it into an endless pattern in nearly any shape, so my next thought is whether I can turn this motif into clothing. I mean this as in does anyone know if it would be possible to crochet pieces of a dress/shirt/skirt pattern from a sewing pattern then sew the edges together wit
  3. I ran into a very similar problem when doing this same project, a technique that works wonders for me is to chain 5 instead of just 3. Doing 5 chains means you have the 3 for the first double crochet as well as 2 for the space, so you'd then do a cluster in the next chain 2 space and continue the pattern around until you get to that last spot. In the last chain 2 space (which should be the one that the chain 5 comes from, you would work 2 double crochet then join to the 3rd chain in the chain 5. For the next row you'd only chain 3, then do 2 double crochet, and continue pattern til the e
  4. I've tried to unply a good amount and gotten quite frustrated with the yarn becoming too twisted and catching on the fibers of itself. I don't want to totally throw in the towel and give up, so I'll find something to make it work. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. Hiya, So basically, I've been "commissioned" to crochet a prom dress for a friend, which is totally manageable in general. My first problem was we couldnt find any nicely pigmented burgundy lace weight yarn that was still soft at any of our local craft stores. (By local I mean we searched as far as 30 miles away) Anyways, we found a beautiful yarn except its Medium or 4 weight, which will work but I worry about the dress being too heavy and extremely uncomfortable after long term wear in the Arizona heat since our prom is April 29th. I had an epiphany one night while lying in bed stre
  6. Hello All! So for some backstory, my great grandmother was very into crocheting and made tons of doilies, blankets, hats, etc. Then when she passed, much of our family got things she had made as a way to remember her. My mother managed to snag some of my great grandmothers beloved doilies and has kept them for close to a decade and a half, seeing as I enjoy crocheting, my mother has now passed them down to me. Since they're relatively old, one of them is in slight disrepair and could use some touch ups, I would hate to try and fix it but only make it worse so I've gone on the hunt to f
  7. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this topic!!! Although I did not end up redoing the garment due to a time limit or actually cutting and sewing a zipper, the dress fit perfectly. After finishing the piece I gently ironed and left as is, when it eventually came time to try it on, I was very nervous but lo and behold it fit PERFECTLY! Not to say it isnt a two person job to get it on still, but it seems easier than it was before to get on and off. For the most part it is finished, I just might go in and add a few more rows to the bottom edge, as my model is a tall girl. (I
  8. I thought steeking was done both during which is the prep work and after which is the real cutting part. Yes the dress is crocheted top down for the most part, except on the bodice though as only the last row and below are top down, above that is bottom up. I guess I could just leave the garment as is after some rather intense blocking in the shoulder area to help with the fit, only if all else fails.
  9. Hiya, If Im not mistaken this looks to be a simple granny square turned blanket right? I've encountered the same problem while trying to make a granny square blanket, my simple fix to continue the way you want is as listed below: Continuing with your chosen yarn, join to the starting chain 3 with a slip stitch Chain 4 3 double crochet in next chain 1 space Work pattern as normal until you reach the last chain 1 space in the row Work 2 double crochets into the chain 1 space Join to chain 4 with a slip stitch (the chain 4 makes both the third dc in the space as well as the chain 1 for the follo
  10. Hello, not exactly a new member but new to the posting part so here goes nothin' So I have some questions involving a vintage dress pattern I am making, In this pattern the dress is worked in one piece, meaning there is no sewing the pieces together afterwards which is great! One downside I've encountered is after finishing the bodice, it seems to be a way inelastic which makes getting in and out of it a 2 person job. I had the great idea of installing a zipper but since I've already finished the bodice I have no idea how to do so without possibly ruining the whole garment. I've thought
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