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  1. I don't know how yarn is classified here either LOL. Yarn categories are a HUGE problem for me actually. I live in Chile, and we have no 'official' classification for yarn weights. Sometimes the yarn label says how many meters you get every 100 gr of yarn and then I can look for the proper category in Google or something, but most of the time I don't even get that. And some yarn labels don't even give you an estimated hook size... so yeah, it is very likely that the cause for the sizing issues was the gauge. I know I could just go and buy a thiner yarn but the one I used is so perfect that I would like to try something else first. I was measuring the cardigan I made and comparing it to some of my nephew's old baby sweaters and I think reducing 2 ripples and then adjusting the lenght would do the trick. Because of how the sleeves are constructed, the number of ripples needs to be a pair, so the other option would be reducing 4 ripples... but I think that would be too small. I've been doing some counting and I THINK I should chain 58 instead of 72. Each ripple section in the first row is 2 dc - 3 dc together - 2 dc which makes a total of 7 st per ripple... so if I wanted to cut the pattern by 2 ripples I guess I would have to reduce the original chain by 14. Does this make any sense? I'm not sure why but I've always found chevron patterns confusing somehow. Thanks for the help and the welcome!
  2. I recently made a cardigan from this pattern: http://www.freevintagecrochet.com/baby/no106-baby-set-pattern.html I definitely loved the pattern, it was really easy to follow (big deal considering english is my third language and that it was my first time following an english pattern) and I just love the chevron stitch. And the final result was a complete success with my entire family! However, I have an issue with it: the idea was to make the cardigan for my cousin's newborn baby, but the result was quite bigger than I expected and it even fits my 2-year-old-and-quite-big-for-her-age niece. I mean, it's way too short for her, but the width is perfect... it looks really cute as a bolero! I used a very soft baby acrylic yarn with a cotton-like finish, and I definitely LOVE it, it's just perfect for babies. I used a 2,5 mm hook and it's like the perfect hook for the yarn, I think a smaller size would be too tight. So... any idea on how I could make a smaller version (3-6 or maybe 6-9 months) with the same yarn and hook? How many stitches would I have to chain to begin? The design has 14 chevron "sections" so I guess I should try with only 12, but I am a complete failure when it comes to maths and I don't have such a good understanding of how the chevron stitch works as to figure out how many stitches my foundation chain should be. I would really appreciate some advise! What confuses me is that the first rows are not completely symmetrical: row 1 has 2 dc, then 3 dc together, *4 dc, 3 dc together* and so on, then ends in 3 dc. So my guess is that it's not so simple as "cutting" the last 2 chevron sections. Is there a trick to it? I've never modified or designed a pattern before. Thanks in advance! I hope I'm not asking a stupid question LOL!
  3. Thanks everyone! And welcome too, Jellybeanjen!
  4. Hello! I'm new to the forum my name is Daniela, I'm 26 and I'm from Chile. I learned to crochet a few weeks ago but so far I've been mostly making baby blankets and cardigans. I also enjoy other crafts like felting and jewelry making, although I'm officially an Historian. I hope I can get to know other crocheters here since none of my real life friends enjoy these kind of activities! Have a nice day
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