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  1. Needle Arts

    March Charity Bash: 3/14 thru 3/19

    I be in again...not getting much done these days with work schedule but will do my best. I'll be working on chemo hats this month.
  2. Needle Arts

    February Charity Blitz: 2/14 - 1/19

    3 NICU blankets, 2 hats Missed my local group meeting where I donate these NICU items. Hoping to drop them off myself at the end of the week.
  3. Needle Arts

    February Charity Blitz: 2/14 - 1/19

    I'll be here still working on NICU items.
  4. Needle Arts

    January Charity Get-Together: 1/17 ~ 1/22

    I'm in and repeating myself...blankets for NICU
  5. Needle Arts

    Hello From Washington

    Welcome aboard. I too live in Washington and have been here most of my live though lived for short periods of time in southern California, Idaho and New York.
  6. Needle Arts

    December Charity Bash 12/13 - 12/18

    Good job especially with the impending holidays. Looking forward to joining you in 2013!
  7. Needle Arts

    Crochetville Brand Yarn????

    Oh..............fingering weight in wool blend for socks, and in acrylic for baby items as my first choice(s). Do some wearables in DK but rarely use worsted anymore.
  8. Needle Arts

    December Charity Bash 12/13 - 12/18

    Where did the time go? 3 scarves, 1 hat
  9. Needle Arts

    December Charity Bash 12/13 - 12/18

    Oh...........gingerbread smells awesome! I NEED COFFEE. I worked until 2:45am, read until 3:45am. Almost got up to finish working as I could log back onto work server at 4:00am but just too tired. Got up at 7am and logged on to work/finished. I'm vertical, my eyes are open, but don't think my brain is on alert yet. Skipped working on scarf yesterday and picked up baby blanket I had in the car. It will be an 18" diameter hexagon. That's the size that our NICU likes for their Empty Arms Program. Must get back on track with scarves though for this project weekend. Also have a donation for the Food Bank to deliver, toothbrushes/toothpaste. I have been collecting toothbrushes from dental visits, and buying small tubes of toothpaste and a few extra brushes when on sale or with coupon. They try to keep some personal items on their shelves as well. After visiting them and getting a tour of the facility (filled out application to pick up donated food from various stores/locations and deliver to food bank) my eyes were opened to the increased need in my community.
  10. Needle Arts

    December Charity Bash 12/13 - 12/18

    I was trying to that group of knitted scarves done before starting this charity weekend. I will start out fresh in the morning. I have cast on for another knit scarf but may frog it as I crochet faster. Sometimes I just like the way knitting shows off a variegated yarn better than crocheting. Have been working hard to complete the last steps on a few projects so I can work on just new scarves. Yes, I got those pesky tails tucked in.
  11. Needle Arts

    December Charity Bash 12/13 - 12/18

    Finished 5 scarves (knitted). These are not meant to be counted in weekend total...just glad I was able to finish for local church drive.
  12. Needle Arts

    December Charity Bash 12/13 - 12/18

    Oh, reprieve! Now I don't feel so guilty about waiting until the end of the project.
  13. Needle Arts

    December Charity Bash 12/13 - 12/18

    Why do I always put off tucking in tails as I go? As much as I hate it you'd think I'd learn to do it as a I go along. Sorting more yarn to work on scarves.
  14. Needle Arts

    December Charity Bash 12/13 - 12/18

    I'll be working on some last minute scarves.
  15. Needle Arts

    November Charity CAL - 11/15 thru 11/20

    Finished up 3 baby blankets for NICU last night.