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  1. that turned out beautiful
  2. to be honest the first one I did took me 3 weeks working hours on hours a day when I thought I was done I measured it and the length was there but I only had 51" wide , so I had to rip it all out and start over. yup I cried but got it done in another 3 weeks. there was times I worked several hours in a day.
  3. My sister in law asked me if I would make her one and she measured her bed for the size hope she likes it
  4. crocheting4fun


    Crochet ripple blanket 68" wide about 120" long
  5. Cheryl, me too and I am going to make another in a different shape. I got a book crochet baskets in walmart by the cotton yarn and this basket was in there and it was easy to make.
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