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  1. I went through and looked over them and I believe they are correct. I ripped out Row 3 and went back, the only way I can get them to line up is if I work into the very first double crochet instead of skipping it. I'm not sure what the impact will be if I do that. No, no I have more than enough yarn! That's just the specific brand of yarn I have.
  2. As I'm going through I can kind of see them not lining up, even though I've double counted and checked to make sure I had 10 double crochets between easy increase/decrease. Sigh. This is starting to be a very big pain.
  3. Another thing that I'm going to check on, and then I promise I should be finished. When it says to start Row 1 with two double crochets into the fourth stitch, and then do 10 more double crochet. Does that mean that I should have 10 total or should I do 10 more after, resulting in around 12, I think? *EDIT: Also, with the (dc3tog), that is all in the same stich correct? Or when you repeat the loop over and such, do you go back to the next stitch? And now I feel really ignorant, all of this is supposed to be in teh back bumps, right? I mean on Row 1.. Do I switch back to normal crocheting or stay in the back bumps?
  4. Thank you guys. I went ahead and stripped everything out to restart again. I think I had the starting chain a little too tight and it made things difficult the farther I got into the rows. With the clusters, it was hard to figure out where the doubles were because they were pushed so tight together. I think I'll take the advice and use a larger hook for the chain and then switch to the normal one.
  5. Thank you guys SO much. You have no idea! I do have another question though. As I'm working through this I'm starting to notice that my stitches are getting tight. Mostly because of how the clusteres and tripple double crochets. Is that okay? I was also wondering about how to know if you've got everything in order. I've just got to where I turned to Row 2 and I noticed that the tops aren't matching up with other clusters. Does that make sense? I get to points where I have to stich into every double crochet, does that mean I also stitch between the individual double crochets?
  6. If everyone would read Row 1, it says that there should be "3dc in next 2dc" I'm very confused. This is working into the original starting chain, isn't it? There isn't any double crochets to work into here. Can someone explain this to me, please?
  7. That does help a lot, thank you. When I clicked on it, it said to check my guage in bold letters and I thought that it might be a good idea. I was confused because of the way the pattern itself is supposed to look like. Checking the guage would require doing a very large section, wouldn't it? Gah. This is why I've never used the guage very much. I wanted this one to turn out very well though,
  8. I'm fairly new at crocheting but I've been looking for a pattern for a blanket that I could make. I finally found one that I really enjoy but the issue is that I want to make the guage but I'm not sure how. It's a chevron style pattern. I hope it's okay that I put the link to it, it is a free pattern. Can you guys help me figure out how to make the guage? http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/chic-chevron-throw
  9. That did help a lot! Thank you so much. I put away the project that was hard. I finished my scarf, which was rather simple. I started on my first granny square, which was also very simple. It's very pretty too!
  10. I would certainly be willing to have loads of tutorials thrown at me! I just have issues where I need something that's very expalainatory. I need the step by step instructions. I'm very visual. I was starting to think that it was getting very hard to work with the strands. It was telling me that I needed that type of yarn and that hook but it wasn't working well.
  11. I have trouble with the guage. That might be because I'm a beginner, but I really can't get the idea down. It was size 4 yarn with an H hook. It was too difficult to use two strands of yarn with that size of hook. I kind of gave up on that for the time being. I started working on something that was slightly easier, an infinity scarf!
  12. It's a small booklet. The pattern is called "Pretty Crochet Bag" and the name of the booklet is "Boye: I taught myself to crochet" It did give me a stitch count and I did those correct but the end result was very, very wrong. Length and width was off.
  13. Even though I thought I followed the pattern the correct way, the finished product did not turn out how I thought it would. It was too short and too wide. Originally it was supposed to be 12" by 9" and it turned out wayyyy off. I'm really not sure what I did wrong.
  14. I ended up switching to an "I" hook (5.50MM)! It works much better and is a lot smoother when it comes to grabbing the yarn.
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