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    Granny Square Patterns, Walkers Bags, Afghans,Scarfs
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  1. NunyeeBoo


    Terri thank you for my big howdy welcome.
  2. NunyeeBoo

    Walker bag patterns needed

    Yes it is a very nice web site. Ty
  3. NunyeeBoo

    Walker bag patterns needed

    Wow thank you for the post I love the styles keep them coming. Please and thank you ;-)
  4. NunyeeBoo

    Walker bag patterns needed

    Yes Ty I saw that.
  5. NunyeeBoo

    baby afghans patterns needed

    No I'm not a member yet but I will now, Ty for the inffo
  6. NunyeeBoo

    Walker bag patterns needed

    Ah ha I found the water pattern on Laraine post, but I'm looking for different patterns. To make them all unique.
  7. NunyeeBoo

    Walker bag patterns needed

    Thank you for your links, I will check them out.
  8. NunyeeBoo

    Baby blanket pattern for beginner

    Hi, I think that is great you taught her. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was little , it is something that will always stay with me and remind me of her. Even thou she still alive @ 101 . If she knows how. to do a double crochet have her do a V Stitch pattern. It very easy to do. Plus if she uses chunky yarn it will work up faster. Or better yet my all time favorite pattern the granny square pattern never ending. That's a goody too. Good luck and Happy Crocheting.
  9. NunyeeBoo

    baby afghans patterns needed

    Hi there, I am looking for chunky yarn baby afghan patterns. Besides the V Stich. I am working with a crochet hook size P. I have 2 nieces that are having baby girls this fall. I want to make them each a baby blanket. That won't take up too much time. I love all kinds of patterns that work up fast . I look forward to all of your patterns.
  10. NunyeeBoo

    Walker bag patterns needed

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for quick and easy to do patterns for walkers. Size 12x12 . I work in the medical field and see a lot of elders with walkers who need a bag to put their stuff in like tissues boxes . The patterns I have used so far are basket weave , triple crochet . They need patterns that are not holly. So they don't loose anything. Keys, candy. If you have a pattern of your own I would love to see yours done up. Thank You
  11. NunyeeBoo


    Thank you good taste, silverbelle29 and howlean for your welcome.
  12. NunyeeBoo

    Newbie from Spring, TX

    Welcome from one newbie to another. I can relate and remember. When I first learned how to crochet. A close elder patient of mine taught me and should would pull out my rows I messed up oh how that hurt but it had to be done or it would be all coceye. Who is teaching you? Self, YouTube? Good luck.
  13. NunyeeBoo


    Welcome. You are a fast worker god bless you.
  14. NunyeeBoo

    Hi from England

    Welcome england from new england newbie on site also. :-D
  15. NunyeeBoo

    Hello fro Yorkshire

    Welcome england from new england newbie. @):-