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  1. Thank you for everything, I will miss you so much!
  2. That is just plain amazing! Wow!
  3. That is so cool, I love the colors!
  4. Hands down my fave is the Wavy Gravy Rasta Tam Snood!! Everyone loves the hats I make from this pattern, it is easily altered to make it smaller and the yarn combinations are endless. Love it and thanks for the pattern!
  5. My faves are Seraphina and Train Tracks. Both look wonderful in any yarn. Seraphina is sublime and if you haven't tried it, Train Tracks makes a woinderful shawl!
  6. So beautiful!! You did a fantastic job!
  7. Love it, and what a beautiful child!
  8. Beautiful! Your colors are excellent. I left the fringe on my last ripple too.
  9. mayflyon

    Cabled Poncho

    Fantastic! You are very talented!
  10. mayflyon

    colorful afghan

    I love it! I make giant grannys too. They are the most fun. Great color placement!
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