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  1. It is very beautiful. I do not envy you the weaving of ends though!!
  2. I'll be there!!! I went last year too, I wouldn't miss it!
  3. How many squares across and down is a traditional granny afghan if the squares are 6"x6" each?
  4. I sent a package as well. I think it was towards the end of April. I didn't see the post about being full. So, sorry if I added to it anyway. I hope they got there!!!
  5. I ordered this and have made 12 motifs, it works up exactly how I would think the Bellagio would. (My yarn shop had a sample of it that I saw.) This is a fun pattern to make. I have always wanted to learn how to join motifs as-you-go, and now I know how!
  6. I changed hooks and made some more motifs. I went down in size, my motifs are now just a bit bigger than the medium size. I think that will work, I am going to keep trucking along and see how it goes. If it doesn't fit me, I guess I can always give it to someone it will fit!
  7. I don't need any more squares right now, but thank you!!! I am still working on the squares I have.
  8. Those both look like good matches. The yarn I got is not seeming to work the same. I made 2 motifs and they were 6" instead of 4". I think I'll have to try something else. That elann looks perfect...
  9. Sorry for the multiple posts, I don't know what happened.
  10. Does anyone mind if I start a CAL for this?
  11. So sorry you are having such a bad day. My thoughts go out to you and your DH.
  12. I just started this. So pretty. I couldn't find the Bellagio either, so I am using Reynolds Saucy. It's a mercerized cotton.
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