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  1. Good evening (or should I say Good morning) everyone. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a super nice day with DD and GS. GS was just literally dancing he was so excited that it was my birthday. I don't think I've ever had someone so excited for me. He was adorable and I loved every minute of it. We went to a favorite Italian restaurant for lunch. I ordered a supreme, large calzone and it was wonderful. I'll have enough for 6 meals from it. I got to enjoy their chicken noodle soup, since GS found it too spicy for his taste after only a few bites. I shared some of their garlic b
  2. Good afternoon to you all. The sun is shining but the temp is only 12*. Needless to say, I am staying home today. ​ Yesterday at the doctor​ office I was crocheting when the doctor came in. She was impressed. Then she spotted DD spinning silk in the corner and was awestruck. I really like her a lot. She listens to me and gives me credit for knowing my own body. I started another of the mobius neck warmers last night. ​So for projects on hand here at DD's I have: 7 of the twisted neck warmers to hide the tails & send off, yarn for two more of them with 1 of them started, 1 ver
  3. Hello to all of you, my internet friends. I have been having a hard time getting a post written and posted before it disappears into cyber space. Mostly I'm trying to stay warm and get my strength back. I saw my doctor today and she is adding in some regular insulin to my other insulin to try and get my diabetes under better control. ​I was relieved to hear that all of her diabetic patients are having similar problems with their switch to this insulin. I don't feel so alone now in my struggles. My chest is clear which relieves, too. I've been so short of breath this week that I was wond
  4. Hi all. Northeastern Iowa was under a blizzard warning yesterday starting at 7:00 last night. I knew just when the front moved in. My joints were screaming. I took some Tylenol and it helped. It started snowing about 8:00 but didn't last long. We got a little more later in the night but missed the rest of the mess. Whew! Today it's very windy. I got all my errands run long before dark, so was ready to hole up if it did clobber us. Mary, I liked the article about catitude. The funny thing is that most of my cats have fallen in that category and all but one of DD's current cats f
  5. I'm back for a quick check in before bedtime. DD and GS​ both conked out hours ago. Cindy, that is a lovely​ baby blanket. About the only time that I do knitting any more is when I'm making premie hats. When I was first marri​ed my husband took me in to see the computer he worked on. It was huge, complete with blinking lights, whistles & bells ringing, and information input via punch cards. He was one of the early programmers from before there was even a class for such a thing. He was good at it and then some. Both kids are following in his footsteps. My son after doing a lo
  6. ​Good afternoon. I got awakened early today. GS couldn't wake up at the usual time, so he was late going to school. I had gone to sleep earlier than my norm so all the commotion woke me up. Last night DD and I were watching a show on Netflix entitled "Call the Midwife." It is set in East London in 1957. It is something she was watching while I was doing something else. Suddenly something caught me attention, so we backed it up and watched it from the beginning. It centers on some young nurses who have recently qualified as midwives. They are living in a nursing convent. The respon
  7. Good evening my friends. GS didn't have school because the forecast called for a weather mess and that is what happened. I had planned to pick up mail and a couple of other things at the apartment, but decided that it really didn't look like fun out there. The last time I let Sweet Pea outside it looked like a lot of ice on top of everything else. We've had snow, freezing rain, and sleet. DD stayed home from work today as well and if she doesn't feel like driving on the roads, then I sure shouldn't be. Mary, vent/whine all you want. We've all done it and this is a safe place to do it
  8. Hello to everyone. ​ Hope this finds you all well. My day has been a quiet one. Saying prayers for all those of you who are battling bugs and other aches and pains. I've been doing a lot of resting, pushing fluids, and reading. No crocheting yesterday or so far today.
  9. Good evening to everyone.​ We got a couple inches of fairly light fluffy stuff yesterday and last night. Went to apartment to check on the mail. It made for slippery roads. GS helped to clear off my car for me which was very nice. Once the plow comes by again, I can move it back in front of DD's house.​ GS had a bad spell afte​r school today. He's finally calming down a bit I think. Thinking of all of you ​and praying that all of us get to feeling better soon. Cindy, wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  10. I didn't get out today. Feeling exhausted. The ankle is okay today. I'm sure the pain is weather related and that with all the bone bruising that I did to it that it's going to be extremely weather wise from now on. It's snowing today and slippery out. Mary, sending prayers out to Sarah. I hope everything comes back fine. Judy, I enjoyed watching the video of the pups on Facebook. Marlene, the line dancing sounds like fun. You have great relationships with all your grandkids. That's great. Cindy, sending prayers your way, too. Hope the foot feels better soon. Love
  11. Happy Sunday. Chasing cows is a lot like trying to herd cows who don't want to be herded. It does get a bit hairy when they are out on the road, especially at night. ​ That sounds a lot like me going water skiing at 6 months pregnant. As long as you are careful you can get away with a lot at all points during a healthy pregnancy. There were a group of college kids where we were spending a week on vacation and the only one who knew how was the one driving the boat. I was the only other person there who could water ski. He got up on the skis so fast the others couldn't se
  12. Hi to everyone. I made a run yesterday to the pharmacy and my apartment. Picked up meds from both places. Haven't been out today. DD and GS are already asleep. GS has swim lessons tomorrow. It's supposed to get up above freezing by a degree or two Sunday or Monday. At least January is about over and that's the worst usually for the winter here. February is usually warmer and snowier. Have the missed doctor appointment rescheduled. Not very newsy tonight. Wishing you all well. Stay safe in whatever you all have for weather.​
  13. Another day of everyone home sick. Yuck! I think we are passing around quite a few different bugs, just one after the other with never a break in between bugs. It's been very cold so far this week, but we got about an inch or so of fresh snow last night. It's pretty, but dangerous since it is hiding where the ice is underneath it. ​ I finished the 1/2 row on my shawl last night. Once I do the next one I'​ll count the patterns and see where I'm at on it. I need to pick up a P hook from the apartment so I can work a quick & easy shawl with the most recent yarn purchase. LeeAnn, t
  14. Good afternoon to all of you. It was wickedly cold yesterday. Today DD is home sick again and when GS got home from school he was sick. I have very little voice which makes things interesting. Haven't done a lot today and slept in for a long time. When I go over 10 to 12 hours I know I'm sick. I have made some more progress on MY shawl. Another row and a half. I had to cut out a snarl that I had managed to get in the yarn involving both strands. It's working up beautifully now. There are only 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 pattern repeats to go. Color me excited! Take care on the roads.
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