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  1. yipee - flaws & all i wuv it =))
  2. TY - yep afghaniac that's right it is =))
  3. size 6 mos bernat baby sport yarn g hook
  4. used an h hook instead of an i - should've used an i - the rh yarn was so thick tho i figured it'd turn out way too big w/an i hook - NOT! did someone say something about checking gauge! doh!! =))
  5. does anyone know how to make the 3-joined DC petal in Rebecca Leigh's 026 Laci Circular Baby Afghan pattern? TY - Louise
  6. Does anyone know how to work the 3-joined DC petal in Rebecca Leigh's 026 Laci Circular Baby Afghan pattern? Is it worked like a 3DC cluster keeping last loops on hook for 3 DC's then pulling all loops thru at the end? TY
  7. i saw a Q&E Crochet binder on ebay that says it contains afghans but no mention of how many patterns inside the binder if any - sometimes empty binders are listed for sale - wondering if this bedspread/afghan pattern was copyrighted? or was it published prior to copyrighting?
  8. needed a Q&E baby boy gift - this was it - here's the pattern = http://yarncrazy.googlegroups.com/web/cablehearts_baby_afghan.pdf?gda=WNBrE00AAAAPw_sUWB7fSIBCQitgLnPDoC0iSzdaaL9SSFvUQONvSfh9sMJ8nDslxcNNkGbF1tWTYnPW1_HlfmT_4uTpjytG5Tb_vjspK02CR95VRrtmeQ
  9. Thanks bunches for the link! Always super swell to see a freebie pattern =)))
  10. very pretty indeed! do you sew the ribbon roses on by hand?
  11. Beautiful!! Looking forward to making one - just as soon as I can =)))
  12. What brand yarn are you using on ur 2nd one? I'm going to start this as soon as I possibly can - last kit I purchased from MM the Color Burst Throw - afghan was supposed to turn out 62" but not nearly enuf yarn in the kit to make it anywhere near that big - I needed big so added onto it using reg. RH worsted yarn.
  13. needed a Q&E gift for baby boy - luved luved luved making this! By the way - the pattern calls for RH Super Saver Worsted Yarn - but I would NOT use it - too stiff - so I used Lion Pound of Love yarn - mine turned out a tad smaller but still OK - altho I did have to use some Super Saver for the lt. blue - which I softened up after finished by soaking in water w/some hair conditioner added. here's the link for free pattern - you'll luv it too! http://yarncrazy.blogspot.com/
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