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    I’ve always loved to crochet and I like all sorts of art and crafts; reading, especially science fiction; the internet; and point and click games. Every year I “write a novel in a month” with NaNoWriMo. I like walking and cycling but I doubt if I’ll get back to springboard diving because of ear problems.

    I’m married with two married sons and two cats. One of my sons and his wife live with us; my other son and his wife live half an hour away.
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    Surrey, UK
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    hats, bags, jackets, cowls, fingerless gloves
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    Since I was a kid off and on, but much more since 2011 when I found Ravelry
  1. Is anyone still using this forum? I've just felted my first crocheted bag and I'm very excited about it. Looking around in here I've already picked up a lot of tips for my next one!
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