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  1. Hello! I've made this pattern some time ago and decided to share it with people here The pattern is available on my blog HERE
  2. Hi! I make a lot of amigurumis, mostly dolls, but I always struggle with making hair. I always use this method: But all my dolls look just the same. I was wondering if anyone has got another fun ideas to make hair for dolls? I've seen someone making wonderful crocheted curls, but I can't manage to make them myself. What techniques do you use to make hair for your crochet dolls?
  3. I'd like to find more crochet-related pages on Facebook - not only those "big" ones, like Crochetville's official or Ravelry's fanpage there. I'd like to see other crocheter's works on my dashboard everyday, as it brings a lot of inspiration. I have a facebook crocheting fanpage myself, so I thought that maybe there's more people with such a page? Anyone with a facebook page with their works, please write here and give a link
  4. Hello everyone! I am not used to sell my patterns, however - as I am a non-working student - I'm trying to get some money to buy some more yarns. I've decided to put one of my patterns up for sale and here I am. I've designed this cute mobile phone case last year and made about 10 cases already. It's very easy and fun to make, it does not require much yarn or time too. AVAILABLE ON RAVELRY FOR 0.60$
  5. Another pattern that I've designed myself. One of my first PATTERN AVAILABLE HERE
  6. Aleksandra Chm

    My dolls

    Those are all dolls made by me. More photos available HERE. What do you think? Do they look good? I am not very experienced yet...
  7. Here's a doll I designed last year. It does not require much yarn, it's good if you have some leftovers. One photo is by me, one by ravelry user madebyrosie, who tested the pattern. You can find the free pattern ON MY FACEBOOK.
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Ola, I'm 20 years old girl from Poland. I started crocheting two years ago and I think I've found what I wanted. Not only I enjoy it, I also make some money on it, as people often ask me to crochet a doll for them. My amigurumi adventure started when I found a photo of a crochet penguin on the Internet. As my mum is a crocheter too, we had a lot of yarn leftovers at home. So I just got some of it and made my first, very poor doll However, she still sits on the shelf, being a proud part of my collection. I have a page on facebook, where I put pictures of my designs. It used to be in my native language only, but now I publish in english too. I have designed some patterns, too! They are all available for free on Ravelry, under the nickname Siljec94. My crochet dream is to finally learn to make clothing. Unfortunately, I don't have enough patience to crochet myself a dress or even mittens. And I would love to finally understand something more than written patterns. I have problems reading the drawn ones and in my country it is VERY hard to get a pattern book or magazine that has written patterns :/ I hope I can find some inspirations here and maybe make some friends with other crocheters Cheers from Poland!
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